Writing Self-Assessment My Goal

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Mywriting goal this semester is learn to communicate clearly usingsimple sentences and correct use of grammar. I have also decided touse the American English Dictionary as a guide when working on anypiece of writing. Rather than complain that English is not my firstlanguage, I have resolved to listen more to audio messages onpronunciation of different words using different materials availablein the website.


Iwas able to write a comprehensive business idea, clearly suggestingwhat the UMSL English Department’s website should incorporate. Thiswill help guide students and parents within and without the collegeto have a clear understanding before they commit themselves to theprogram (Monippally 261). What I omitted and I feel it is of utmostimportance is to advise the department to have an opening ceremonyheld by the department to the students. Such a meeting shouldincorporate professors representing different departments who willguide students about choice of subjects and the related careers. Itshould also have a question-and-answer session in order for studentsto make informed decisions about their subject and consequent careerchoices.


Myweakness in the past has been to clearly communicate using grammar. Ialso have encountered problems with sentence structures in writingskills’ tests. However I have interacted with other bilingualstudents who clearly communicate in English. I have thereforeresolved to make English my best subject by reading more literaturebooks and listening to audio messages that guide on pronunciations(Heskett 36).

MyWriting Process this Semester

Inthe past I have been researching on different styles of writingbusiness proposals and other literary documents. This semester I havemanaged to structure a memorandum for NY Deli and Grill, which wasinclusive of their financial plan. I am happy to note that my missionsucceeded since the loan for NY Deli and Grill was approved.

TheWay Forward

Ihave decided to do practical self-assessment grammatical testsregularly. This will build my confidence while writing and speaking.I have also bought a book to note down new words and check them uplater in the dictionary. I have also realized that I should writeregularly testing myself on tenses. Much as it will require time, Iwill give it total attention so that I can avoid last-minute rushduring submittal of assignments. This will lead to improved grades ingrammar and other subjects too.


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