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GoogleDocs is a free web-based application in which documents andspreadsheets can be created, edited and stored online. One can accessthis files from any computer with an internet connection and abrowser. Microsoft word is a graphical program thatuser can type with and store their documents.

Microsoftword a long time ago ruled the writing of reports when it came to. If someone wanted to write a report they hard toused Microsoft word and later store it, but there was theintroduction of a Google docs which similarly works with the word butwith different and advanced futures, and it resides in google drive.

Wordprocessing program is flexible and can be used easily with a fewdistraction and restriction as possible. Microsoft word being amongof the most famous and long time writing a program, there were nomany alternatives to word especially for professionals who needed aparticular feature(Vermaat2013).Fortunately, there is now an alternative that is dependable,innovative and contain user-friendly features.

Theadvantage of Microsoft the word is that it’s good in typing fastthan ever, it’s easy to correct the mistakes by just pressingbackspace, and it has a template for another kind of document. Italso has its disadvantages like, one requires a computer to edit orview the document that mostly it’s not there especially when on themove.

Microsoftword home and student edition for the year 2013 is $139 while homeand office edition are $219(Vermaat2013).The cheaper version of the word doesn’t have outlook, the pricierone builds it in, along with the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, andOneNote. Google Docs is free for home or school use so the schoolwill prefer it more.


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