Why I Am The Best Candidate For The IB Program

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WhyI Am The Best Candidate For The IB Program

Ido not need citations, as it is a creative project. This paper can beabout anything, but preferably about a murder mystery.

Technologyindustry has become one the most advancing industries affecting humanlife, and in all aspects. From young children to adults, technologydevices, platforms and services has become a daily need which peoplecan’t do without. Long gone is the time when one needed to send aletter over the normal Post office, wait for days before it gets tothe recipient, not to mention the number of days it would take to getthe reply. Today, sending messages has become instant as well asinstant replies. With the massive technology development, it has comewith both merits and demerits to all people in the society.

Inmodern days one of the most used devices is a mobile phones andcomputers. The world has become digital and so it has come with thepositive said and the negative said of this tremendous development.Every time we move out with my friends, the first device to look foras our phones. Holiday came first I packed my bag to visit mygrandparent’s upcountry. The trip was long but with the know that Iwill spend time with my grandparents the entire holiday, the lengthof the journey wasn’t a bother. Staffed with my phone, laptop acamera and some other electronic devices, I was ready to captureevery moment of my visit. The village is far from town, and thedifference could be told by anyone. From the look of things, my grandfather wasn’t used to all these devices I was carrying. Little didI know it was to bring a long an experience of how it was the timewhen a mobile phone wasn’t in existence.

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