Why I am an Ideal Candidate for IB

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As an 8th grader who is willing to join the InternationalBaccalaureate program, I believe that I have all the desirablequalities that will enable me to complete it. My intention is to jointhe program and acquaint myself with the different subjects andconsequently start with my major upon joining the University. I alsolook forward to giving back to the community and the program’scommunity service will give me a chance to participate in charitywork. I believe I am the ideal candidate for this program for somereasons.

First, my academic background meets the minimum requirement foradmission. For example, my performances for the seventh and eighthgrade are all above C. I owe the performance to hard work and goalorientation. All along, I have strived to be better than my formerself and, therefore, become noble. As the saying goes, nobility iswhen a man becomes better than his former self. My scores for myprevious semesters show a positive trend courtesy of this objective.I know that the IB program will require me to keep a high level ofperformance, and I believe that my goal-oriented approach andpersistence will be instrumental in maintaining good performancethroughout the course.

Secondly, I have learned how to strike a balance between academic andthe extracurricular work. Before I developed an interest inextra-curricular activities, I thought that they might adverselyaffect my performance. Gradually, I came to appreciate the role theyplay in shaping both my academic and social life. For example, it isthrough outdoor activities that I have come to form strong friendshipties rather than when participating in a class discussion group.According to the information I have, the IB require students toengage in extra-curricular activities. It will be an easy transitionfor because it will be a continuation of what I have been doing inboth 7th and 8th grade.

Another important reason I believe that I am an ideal candidate forthis programs that I have come to appreciate the importance of groupwork. In my earlier grades, I concentrated so much on personaldevelopment through individual study while worrying about beingdefeated by the other members of my class. Little did I know thatthey could help me even achieve better grades than when workingalone. When the instructors put us into compulsory discussion groups,I realized how much I had been missing. Most of the group members haddiverse ideas on the different subjects, and they helped me toimprove my performance. I believe that the IB program subjects willrequire students to participate in group work and give feedback.Again, this will not be a new experience for me, and I will give mybest in the hope of learning from the rest of the learners.

Conclusively, if there is a program that suits my personal characterand performance is the IB program. My goal orientation approach whenperforming various tasks will be of immense advantage to both myacademic and extra-curricular work. The persistence character that Ihave exhibited in my studies will help me in maintaining goodperformance and therefore, stand a position to enjoy the benefitsthat accrue to the program. I am also bound to meet people fromdiverse backgrounds with varied ideas in different subjects. Myability to work in a team and embracing diversity will assist me toshare with them and help each other grow intellectually.

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