White-Collar Crime

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White-collarcrime refers to as an evil done by a prominent government official orpeople during the term of their service to serve the public in theirrespective country (Ferguson, 2010). The impact of these white-collarcrimes can fall on a limited number of people or the society as awhole. The most notorious crime that affects individuals is lying orcheating. One of the crimes that may affect the society as a whole isthe health care fraud.

Similaritiesbetween cheating and health care fraud

Bothof them are crimes against individuals and the society as a whole asthey have the potential to alter the smooth operation of individualsand the society. Both crimes are punishable under law, and they callfor different penalties and fines or both depending on the damage ithas caused to the society. Those who commit these crimes have aprincipal goal of gaining financially either from the public, societyor a limited group of people. The desire to get extra money throughfraudulent means is the force behind the white-collar crime. Lastly,both crimes do not include any aspect of physical harm to aparticular individual or any property either tangible or intangible(Friedrichs, 2010).



Heath Care Fraud

This involves the use of unfair means to get a reward or to gain financially from the society or individuals.

This involves the manipulation of the health care components like the health insurance, the drugs and also the medical apparatus. The most common frauds, therefore, are the drug, medical and health insurance.

It is common within individuals and the society as a whole.

This is common within the health care framework only. It may not apply to environments different from the health care.

Whistleblowers are not common, and the rewards are less common.

Whistleblowers are often rewarded through the False Claims Act.

Impactsof cheating on the society

Financialloss most individuals and the society at large suffer financiallosses whenever they have been defrauded. Fraudsters are in mostcases after money from the society through unfair means. Ifindividuals do not realize in time that the information they are fedwith is meant for malicious in nature, they are likely to be victimsof financial fraudsters.

Wipingout of live savings some individuals wipe out their entire savingsand act as the fraudsters direct them to do. By the time they realizethat they were cheated on, they will be most likely experiencingfinancial crisis, which affect their families since they willencounter various challenges in their quest to meet the basic dailyneeds.

Impactsof Health Care Fraud to the society

Lossof billions of money the government has invested heavily in thehealth care system to make the delivery of services effective andefficient. Defrauding the health sector is a major blow to thegovernment and the society as a whole as the benefits that thesociety was to get ends up in the pockets of individuals who willoften use the so gained finances for private purposes. Likewise, thegovernment has incurred similar expenses that are paid towhistleblowers who detect the fraud (Vito, 2006). These expenseswould have been an injection to the heath care system to increase theefficiency of the services. The society, therefore, looses in allaspects.


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