What it means to be a professional soldier

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Whatit means to be a professional soldier

Whatit means to be a professional soldier

Themilitary is an organization like any other organization. Thus, it hasorganizational culture, values and ethos that guide the soldiers intheir duties. The culture and values of the military are defined bythe warrior ethos and the seven army values. The warrior ethics is abasic aspect of the military enduring values and ethics. For manycenturies, armies in different parts of the world have adopted thisethos to promote personal commitment to the duties of a soldier,excellence and completing the mission while observing the higheststandards of ethics (Department of the Army, 2013). In the UnitedStates, warrior’s ethos is a fundamental characteristic of asoldier. This is because every soldier must demonstrate steadfastcommitment to serve the nation. Promoting this ethos in theincreasing diverse and dynamic military and ensuring that all thesoldiers truly understand and embrace these values is becoming animportant challenge for military leaders in the modern society(Department of the Army, 2013).

AccordingtoDepartmentof the Army (2013) military profession demands a lot of disciplineand personal commitment. This is mainly because the job of a soldierinvolves the use of legitimate force. Thus, the warrior ethos has ahuge influence a professional soldier and how he accomplishes hisduties. The four basic elements the warrior ethos is “always placethe mission first, never accept defeat, never quit, and never leave afallen comrade” (Department of the Army, 2013). The values andethos in the society are aimed at promoting harmonious living in thesociety. The ethos in the military provides essential motivations tothe soldiers to protect the nation. It also promotes the spirit ofcomradeship where in addition to fighting to protect the nation, theyalso fight to protect each other. This is the source of the traditionthat a soldier would rather die than leave a fallen comrade. Themilitary leader has a responsibility of promoting the warrior ethosin the unit be ensuring that all ingredient necessary to win a battleare available (Department of the Army, 2013).

Inaddition to the warrior ethos, soldiers are also guided by the sevenarmy values. Values exist in all societies and professions.Fundamental army values include “loyalty, duty, respect, selflessservice, honor, integrity, and personal courage” (Department of theArmy, 2013). Loyalty means being faithful to the constitution, theunit and the military in general. Duty means that the soldier must becommitted to successfully completing the tasks and fulfilling hisobligations. Additionally, the values of the army require that asoldier should treat all people with respect. Selfless service refersto putting the welfare of the military, unit and the nation beforeself interests (Department of the Army, 2013). A medal of honor isthe greatest award in the military service. Honor means that thesoldier should always upholder the army values. This means that asoldier should always strive to be honorable in all aspect of life,both in the unit and the civilian society. Integrity means that thesoldier always does what is morally, legally and ethically right.Soldiers should always be guided by moral principles and values.Personal courage is a critical value for a soldier. This enables thesoldier to face adversities and dangers, which is evident in allaspects of the military service (Department of the Army, 2013).


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