What I Learned from the Speakers

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WhatI Learned from the Speakers

WhatI Learned From the Speakers

Inthe journey towards success, there are people who hold our hands andshow us the way. These are people who have tried walking in a certainpath and succeeded. Man is a social being and cannot concentrateentirely on either the professional life or the personal life: therehas to be a balance. All the four speakers were incredible andshared great insights to apply to both the professional and personallife which is the focus of this paper.

Fivesalient things learned about the professional life.

Allthe speakers gave important professional lessons to guide us in ourprofessional life. The first lesson I learned is the power of havinga good attitude. the greatest lesson on this was on the story of NeilBerube’s son who has managed to be successful despite hisdisability. Our attitude in life determines the results we get in ourprofessional capacities, and it is thus important to have a winningattitude.

Thesecond salient thing from the lectures is that the impression othersget about us matters. Jonathan Bucker emphasized on the importance ofone’s appearance where for example, he says that he shaves everyday. Barbara Jones also emphasized on the importance of creating agood impression by the way one appears: people tell a lot about youby the way you present yourself within the first 18 seconds.

Thethird lesson was on the importance of team work. One cannot besuccessful on their own, and it thus important to bring peopletogether to achieve goals. When the whole team is moving in the rightdirection, it gives a company a competitive advantage in the market.

Thefourth lesson is that life in the profession is not determined bylife in college. Neil Berube particularly said that in school, welearn how to think and the application of that is different.

Thefifth lesson is the value of creating networks. Alma Jeppsonemphasized on this point, citing the example of his friend Brenda whowas able to connect him to a job when he was out of employment. Onthis note, it is important for every professional to learn to marketthemselves by investing in their selves.

Fivesalient things learned about the professional life.

Thefirst lesson on this area is the importance of learning how tobalance family life. Neil Berube brought this point out well when hesaid that when all is done, it is one’s family that has one’sback.

Thesecond lesson from the lectures is that it is important to have asupportive family. The spouses of each of the speakers played animportant role in their journey to success.

Thethird salient thing that I learned on personal life is that it isimportant to have recreational time. During this time, one shouldengage in the things that they love to do either with family orfriends.

Thefourth lesson on personal life is the value of having a goodattitude. Barbara jones gave the example of a mirror and said thatthe world gives us what we also give. The right attitude means thatlife is happier when they create happiness for others.

Thefifth salient thing learned from the lectures is on the power ofcreating good habits. Jonathan bunker for example, created the habitof shaving and he does this even during summer. Barbara Jones alsogave an important contribution on the power of habit and how one cancreate good habits. One should learn to break from the bad habitsearly enough before they pile up and become part of one’s life.

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