Week 3 Humanity Discussion 1 Sensual Perspectives and the Purpose of Art

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Week3 Humanity Discussion 1 Sensual Perspectives and the Purpose of Art

Tounderstand art or an artist an observer is required to use his or herimagination when glancing at art. When using the five sense tointerpret art think about how it would feel to touch the piece ofart Imagine the sound the object in a piece of art would make.Pretend if you were to eat the object in the piece of art how wouldit taste imagine the smell of the object in the piece of art howwould it smell if you were to smell it and what can see in the pieceof art. When looking at a piece of art one must always rely on his orher imagination to interpret art. Art is experienced through sense inthat it utilizes all the senses in one way or another in it creativeprocess. The hearing, touch, vision and taste helps human beings toexperience the world in different ways and influences how art iscreated and perceived (Gardner &amp Kleiner, 2014).

Theconnection between arts and artist can be described as neither iswithout the other. This means that an artist is the basis of hisartwork. The artwork is the basis of an artist. The interrelation ofan artist and his work occur by virtue of art. Thus, we can say thatthe relationship is equiprimordial meaning that artist makes work ofart as much as work of art makes the artist (Wong &amp Yildiz2015).

Thepurpose of art as an aesthetic purpose is determined thus making itreduced to practical purpose. This means that the aesthetic judgmentmade about an object is done under the description of the practicalobject functions (Iseminger, 2004). Practical purpose means that thepiece of art serves a particular function such as aesthetic function,recreation function, the value function and didactic function.

Myexperience and thoughts about the purpose of art as revealed ineveryday use are art play a crucial role in people lives. Human beingrely on the various form of art for their daily lives activities. Werely on art to feel joy, relax and feel calm thus easing the mind andpreventing stress, art inspire. Life would be boring without art(Dewey,2005).


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