Week 3 Assignment

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Week3 Assignment

PopularCulture Artifacts

Musicand written materials are among the unique elements in popularculture artifacts. Music is exceptional since it can present one`sdifferent culture through the act of singing in various occasions.Besides, written material provides a unique element since it allowspeople to learn more about the different aspect of a given culture.Written materials include books, novels, magazines, and articlesamong others(Berger, 2015).

Forexample, the article about artifacts addresses the issue of violenceand indecency or free speech. In her song, Williams talks about ananthem for all women and those involved in domestic violence andabuse across the world(Fiske, 2010).The indecency of free speech has also been mentioned in many booksand articles trying to capture the attention of the parties involvedin the society.

Allthe same, it can be prudent to control and address the above issuesusing the distribution mechanisms in the American community. It isobvious that the question of domestic violence is common due to lackof proper representation of the same in leadership and powerposition. Gender distribution mechanism in leadership positions isthe best way to deal with the issue at hand it is done on equalitybasis in which power is distributed equally to different people fromvarious backgrounds, globally (Gans,2008).For instance, in recent past, domestic violence was noted to beelevating more among the women in the American traditional societyand therefore, the influence of the women in power to ensure thatgrievances and injustice of such victims are well addressed andcatered for(Callahan, Whitener &amp Sandlin, 2007).

Whenwomen are well represented in leadership arrangements, they acquirethe power and the ability to deal firmly with the issues associatedwith domestic violence since when they are in authority they are ina better position to influence the audience. They also provide anopportunity for the victims to express their grievances and concernopenly, and they can offer tangible solutions that will deal withsuch situations.


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