Week 2 Discussion Modern Popular Culture Audience Affects and Effects.

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Week 2 Discussion Modern Popular Culture] Audience: Affects and Effects

Week2 Discussion Modern Popular Culture] Audience: Affects and Effects.


Themedia plays a great role in perpetuating social issues on sexualrelationships and sexual roles of men and women. The media empowersand disempowers people on many issues including gender and sexualityissues as it develops sexual identities and attitudes. The mediamostly carries popular culture views and attitudes.

Overthe years, media audiences tend to believed what is aired on themedia is a representation of the truth. For instance in mostsocieties, TV’s views on the roles of men and women and on beingeither gay or lesbian matches the views and opinions of that society.

Sexualityis a social construct and is an important aspect of a person justlike gender. Popular culture plays its own function in constructingsexuality and gender. Popular culture in many instances displayswomen negatively. Most times women are mocked and treated as objectsand are only viewed as mothers, homemakers and fun objects. Howevertheir male counterparts are always perceived to have supremacy evenin the professional world. This tends to be the perception of thesociety.

Theseperceptions represented by popular culture are not necessarily theactual reflection of women in the real world. This is because womenlike men also carry out other social, political, religious andeconomic roles in their societies and have contributed greatly inmajor developments in the world.

Additionally,Popular Culture ideas and views on homosexuality are heavilyinfluenced by the media in society. Regardless of all this, somesocieties have reinforced the belief that homosexuality is an illnesswhich should be cured thus playing a major role in slowing down thebroader understanding and acceptance of such ideas in society.


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