Walt Disney Success Story and Challenges He Faced

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WaltDisney Success Story and Challenges He Faced


WaltElias Disney, commonly known as Walt Disney, an entrepreneur and aproducer was born on fifth December 1901. His was the son to Mr EliasDisney and Mrs Flora call Disney. He had five siblings four boys andone girl, Disney began his talent of art when he was eleven yearsold. At this age, he could sell his arts to neighbours and closerelatives and friends. In 1991, Disney moved with his family toKansas City his uncle, who was a train engineer in art development,mentored him. Disney attended McKinley High School in Chicago in theyear 1912, where he focused and concentrated in photography anddrawing and classes. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteenwith an aim of joining the army at the age of sixteen however, hisunderage could not give him a chance to secure a position in thearmy. He later enrolled in a design institute. He died in 1966 at theage of sixty five. After Disney death, his brother, Roy, continuedwith the started project (Merlock, 2010).

Whenever,Walt Disney Productions is mentioned, memories of Disney come intopeople’s minds. The production is one of the finest motioncompanies in the world that vividly air out clear images andpictures. The company came into being after success effort of Disneyand his brother. The company is well remembered for the Mickey Mouse,a cartoon character who made the company win over 22 academy awards.Disney was also the forefather of the Disneyland leitmotif parks andthe Walt Disney world [CITATION Kat11 l 2057 ].Disney is well remembered for the success of theprojects as mentioned earlier. Disney is also celebrated because ofhis success story that made him outstanding among other people. Thisresearch paper focuses on Disney’s success story as well as thechallenges he faced in his career life and personal life.


WaltDisney, the animator and inventor of the Mickey Mouse, was a man ofbig dreams and he worked on these dreams to ensure that they cametrue. Disney always dreamt of being an entertainer. He used histalent to develop art that he would present to the public in the formof cartoon, animated features, and live-action movies. As a child, hewatched the Fairmount Park, wishing to participate in it. The parkalways stood out as a mentor throughout his life. This made him havean ambition of creating an amusement park for kids. As he travelledaround the world, this dream still grew in his mind. When he visitedthe United States, he realised that the amusement park would besuccessful if implemented in the United States. In 1948, he sharedthis idea with his friends, who supported his idea by chipping insome thoughts to this project (Jackson, 2010). The plans included avillage in the park, which comprised of a town hall, a railroadstation, a movie theatre, and small stores.

Thecontributions by his friends influenced his dream, and four yearslater (1952) he decided on forming a company by the name“Disneyland”. The company helped him develop the park and calledit Disneyland Inc. in 1953. Roy, Disney’s brother invested in theproject and offered financial support hence, he too became a part ofthe operation. It took two years to complete the whole project and onJuly 17, 1955, the Disneyland Park was opened. In a span of sevenweeks, approximately over a million tourists visited the park makingit the biggest tourist attraction site in the US (Jackson, 2010).During this time visitors were charged only 50 cents. This madeDisney to be a workaholic and famous. In one of his interviews in1955, Disney said that his work was not driven by insecurity or guiltbut by a dream, and everybody can make their dreams come true throughfaith and hard work.

In1960, one of his friends, during a feast party at Herb Ryman’shouse, jokingly noted that Disney could be elected as the Presidentof the US if he wanted. However, in a reply Disney said, “why wouldI wish to become the president of a country whereas I am a king theDisneyland!” During this time, Disney had already accomplished 50%of his dreams. The previously dreamt park became a success beyondDisney own dreams the park continued to attract many visitors andgenerate huge amounts of income. The company up to date has beengenerating revenue and is currently known as “The Walt DisneyCompany”.


Despitehis success story, like any other individual Disney also had a bunchof challenges in his career and personal life. Some of the problemshe experienced are similar to the challenges people face in theirdaily lives whereas some of them are different and unique. Forinstance, when he was still young his relationship with his parentswas restrictive, unloving and unhappy in several ways. As such, hefelt neglected and deprived of parental care and love. Disney and hisother siblings were isolated from others and were not allowed tosocialise with other children. This affected him emotionally and hesuffered emotional repressions on the need to associate with otherchildren. Besides, this isolation jeopardised his future life andmade him unable to maintain relationships (Jackson, 2010). This lifemay have contributed to his single status he never got married.Again, he had an issue with internal relationships and his innerlife. Contrary to the expectations of many, Disney came to forgivehis parents over the issue, and he let go of the resentments of hisearly life.

Realismwas another challenge that Disney faced this challenge alwaysinterfered with his inspirations. Migration of his family affectedhis daily life in a negative manner. Also, World War II made itdifficult for Disney to allocate employees to his company.Additionally, due to political instability that emanated from thiswar, many people always remained indoors. During this period Disney’scompany would fetch low incomes and this was an issue that reallyaffected his business (Sulzberger, 2012). Apart from the politicalinstability, many people underestimated Disney’s abilitiesincluding his family members. The underestimation affected his moraland attitude. However, he never gave up on his dreams he remainedsteady and focused although occasionally he was stressed over theissue. In spite of all the discouragements, he still strived on toachieve his dreams he did not heed to the many criticisms anddiscourages.

Additionally,Disney, like any other entrepreneur, faced financial constraintsthis involved tangible assets such as buildings and capital. Althoughhe got support from his brother, at first it was not easy for himsince Roy had disagreed with his plan. However, he struggled and gotover with the issue. He could financially support himself after someyears when the company was at its feet. Lack of adequate resourcesnever stopped Disney from being ambitious he believed that this wasthe only way to achieving his success.


Ina recap, the approach that Disney used in overcoming the challengeshe faced is an inspiration to current and future entrepreneurs.Similarly his success story is a clear indication that people shouldnever give up on their dreams. People should work tirelessly untilthey achieve what they long for in their lives.


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