Visiting a museum

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Visitinga museum

MyVisit to a Museum

Ihappened to pay a visit to the British Museum London. This was inLondon one of the largest cities in the world and acts as the Britishcapital city. This was after an invitation by the management to visitthe site. I was among the fluky individuals who managed to hold apass ticket a requirement that every attendee is required to possesson the set date the event was to take place. I recall very well itwas on Thursday 10thDecember 2015. The invitation was done randomly, and the museumfacility gave some chosen countries slots. However, they gave slotsvariedly meaning that some countries would receive more slots thanothers would most notably USA where I came from.

TheBritishMuseumis a museumdedicated to various aspects such as human history, art,as well as culture. Geographically, it is located in the Bloomsburyarea of Londona very modern city around the planet. Upon arriving at the event onthe stated date, I was amused by a large number of visitors at theevent. People from different parts of the world among them Africans,Asians, Latinos, Arabs, a huge crowd of people with European originnot forgetting the Britons and lastly we cannot forget the Americanswhere I came from.

Whatamazed me is that I came to know that the famous Vikings hoard foundin field shed light on England origins, and that is the reasonperhaps why the museum was home to a trove of Viking jewelry. Thisalso includes the Saxon coins unearthed by an amateur treasure hunterin a field owned by a farmer and it is alleged that this is whatprobably helped a particular English king from obscurity. Theattendees were so many, and this provided me with a chance tointeract with several people from other nationalities. Majorly ofthem were Africans and Asians.

Accordingto what I discovered as well as heard from the person guiding usaround the various departments in the huge facility is that itactually hosts the planet`s top most including a most comprehensivecollection of Egyptian antiquities. The museum guide gave estimatefigures stating that the museum facility was carrying more than100,000 pieces more comparing to the native Egyptian museum. Thismeans that I was lucky having gotten the chance to witness by myselfthe standing museum in the planet with Egyptian artifacts so manythat they outweighed the other museums quantity of Egyptian artifactsincluding Egyptian museums. Moreover, the British Museum has acollection of a massive also vital range of quality objects of allthe periods most amazingly from entirely every site of significancein both Egypt and Sudan included.

Iwas very entertained and enjoyed a fantastic time in getting a newexperience. I had the pleasure to get entertained, and I looked so tothe huge crowd of visitors in the vicinity judging from looks. Havingseen a kind of a storehouse of each and every wonderful and valuable.The British Museum is in a big building that consists of many bighalls that are fully equipped with spectacled artifacts that werecatching the attention of every visitor. Truly, it was a nice andrare fruitful adventure that I believe no sound mind person wouldresist undertaking.

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