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Question 6.3

There is no need for the United States to tighten the economic gripon Cuba. It is evident from the case study that the 11 million Cubanshave suffered enough as a result of the embargo on Cuba. The Cubangovernment continues to raise the prices of imports at the expense ofthe citizens. It is also worth noting that the embargo was meant toforce the autocratic government of Fidel Castrol out of power whichthe embargo has not achieved. Fidel Castrol’s brother is still inpower. Additionally, whereas the United States may tighten theeconomic grip on Cuba, there are alternatives for the country(Daniels et al., 2015). Cuba has been trading with other countries inthe Soviet Union where it exports sugar, citrus, tobacco and coffee.The country also imports cars and oil from other countries. It isalso evident from the case that there are Americans who travel toCuba despite the ban. This is an indication that Americans are notcomfortable with the embargo. Lastly, the economic grip affects theAmerican companies which are willing to trade with the Cubans. Thereis evidence that despite the small population in Cuba, there is apotential market.

Question 6.4

It is time for the United States to normalize business relationswith Cuba. Considering the US foreign policy of non-interference,there is a need to normalize business relations. The new definitionof a democracy where transparent elections are not a necessity shouldmake the US normalize the business relations. It is clear that thereis noting that the US government seeks to achieve through the harshbusiness terms with Cuba (Daniels et al., 2015). It is, however,essential for the US government to set some conditions in order tobenefit from the normal business relations. One condition would be tohave oil quotas. The US government will be importing oil from Cubaand there is need to have quotas to ensure that there is constantsupply. There is also need to have an agreement on how to deal withoil spills that affect US waters. Both American and Cuban governmentsmust work together towards dealing with such tragedies. There areopponents who argue that the normalization of the US-Cuba businessrelations will give the Cuban government economic power which theywill use to oppress the citizens. Therefore, another condition thatthe US government should consider is to ensure that there areagreements stipulating the effects of the enhanced economic status ofthe Cuban economy. The economic gains from the business relationsmust be used for the betterment of the lives of the Cuban people.

Question 6.5

It is clear that the US embargo has had adverse effects for overdecades in Cuba. There is no doubt that the Cuban people and thegovernment are bitter towards the US. As a Cuban leader, I wouldadvocate for a non-conditional form of business relation with theUnited States. In other words, there is a need to separate thebusiness relations from the politics of both countries (Pérez,2014). The US should avoid interfering with the Cuban politics andallow business between the two countries to continue uninterrupted.Additionally, the US must recognize the Cuban government and respectit as the government of the day. The restrictions on movement ofpeople and goods between Cuba and the US must also be removed. Thepermission to import or export any product from and to the UnitedStates without any conditions would be in the best interest of Cuba.

Question 6.6

The political structure of the US had a great influence on the USembargo on Cuba. It is evident that the US is a democratic countrywhere each and every person has the freedom of choice and speech.This political structure in the US influenced their foreign policy inother countries where they forced Cuba to uphold the rights andfreedoms of the people. Research has indicated that there is nodemocracy in Cuba and there are numerous political prisoners. The USwas not comfortable with the democratic status in Cuba and thereforeneeded the embargo to force the regime that was in power to changeand uphold democracy (Daniels et al., 2015). The US had to specifyhow the Cuban government must operate in order uphold democracy andfreedom. It is clear that the embargo was as a result of thestructure of the US politics.

Additionally, the existence of the democrats and the republicans inthe structure of the US politics has had a great influence on theembargo specification and existence. This is because the twopolitical groups are always on opposite sides when it comes tomatters political. Whereas the democrats have been advocating for theremoval of the trade restrictions, the republicans have been on theopposing side (Morales &amp Prevost, 2014). This has made sure thatthe embargo has been existence for decades due to the politicaldisagreements between the two party members. It is also worth notingthat the US political system allows the people’s representatives todraft policies and pass them into law. These laws may include foreignpolicies which influenced the existence and specification of theembargo.


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