Types of Soil and their Effect on Growth of Plants

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Typesof Soil and their Effect on Growth of Plants

Typesof Soil and their Effect on Growth of Plants

Definitionof the term soil is broad. One of the definitions is that soil is aloose layer covering the surface of the earth. There are three maintypes of soil clay soil, loam soil and sand soil. Different type ofsoil affects the growth of crops differently. Below, is a detaileddescription of different types of soil and their effect on the growthof plants.


Claysoil is a type of soil that has tightly packed particles hencereduced or no air spaces. Clay soil can retain more nutrients and alarge amount of water due to its heavy nature. Using this type ofsoil for gardening depends on one`s ability to know the state andconditions of the soil, for example, wet clay retards the growth ofplants due to its heaviness while dry clay supports the plants`growth due to its soft and smooth nature (Letey, 1985).


Loamsoil is the perfect type of soil for the growth of plants due tohaving a mixture of sand, clay and humus. This type of soil has a phof 6, high levels of calcium, well aerated and ability to retainwater and nutrients hence being the favorite type of soil for thegrowth of plants.


Thesand soil is the worst type of soil for the growth of plants. Thistype of soil has features such as large particles hence presence oflarge air spaces (Lambers, Chapin III, &amp Pons, 2008). Theconsequences of this form of air spaces are that the soils lack theability to retain water and minerals required for the growth ofplants which makes it difficult for the roots of the plant to develop(Matson, Parton, Power, &amp Swift, 1997).


Pottingis a form of soil that is used when plants are put in containers.Good potting mix enhances effective growth of plants. High rate ofgrowth in plant is achieved by use of light and fluffy potting soiland use potting soil that has peat moss and perlite. Plants growth inpotting soil is enhanced by holding the nutrients and moisturearound the roots, enough air provision for growing roots andprovision of anchorage in roots.

Peatmoss soil

Peatmoss is a type of soil that is formed due to decomposition of moss inpeat bogs. Peat moss is mainly used as an ingredient in potting soil.Acid loving plants like camellias and blueberries tends to have highgrowth rates when subjected in this type of soil because ofavailability of high Ph.


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