Two Discussion Comments

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TwoDiscussion Comments

Commentfor Elizabeth Bosko

Iagree with your view that everyday life is a story. It is true thatstorytelling is an enlightening thing that can change the life of aperson. I think storytelling changes our lives by influencing us toadopt new perspectives. In my opinion, storytelling started with thefirst languages that were developed by early men. As long as thepeople in the prehistoric and historical times were able to tellabout their past, they started the concept of storytelling. This hasdeveloped into the modern life where, every time, people areconstantly rearranging their narrative about life, thereby forming aconcept of a story (Hamilton, 2010). Therefore, human beings shouldbe cognizant that their past lives form a story. I agree with youthat every day of our lives is a story of tomorrow. Our past and ourpresent form a choreographed history that forms into a story oftomorrow. Therefore, I agree with you that history is a bunch ofstorytelling, and that no history can exist without storytelling.

Commentfor Gregory Pace

Youhave made an interesting argument that most animals focus on thespeed of life. I agree with you that unlike animals, humans havechanged over time to start thinking about other priorities. While inthe pre-historical times, men used to outrun their prey, these daysthey use tools and techniques to get the prey. In my opinion, this isa big move that marks an evolution. It is the same evolution thatfurther gave the human beings the body. According to Masterson et al(2010), this body has been built through evolution for a long time. Iagree with your example of a child running barefoot. It is aninteresting observation that shows the impact of evolution and theperfection of our bodies towards adapting to the environment.Moreover, the running of the human beings makes it a case tounderstand how evolution has created us to be and how we grow towardsthe people we are today.


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