Trends in Healthcare Management

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My name is Sandy Nieves. I am a Certified Occupational Therapist withsix years of experience in the industry, and I work at a localSkilled Nursing Facility. Although I have been in practice for sixyears, I do not have any management experience and it is a majorreason that has led me to enroll for this course. I am confident thatthis course will be an avenue to develop skills for leadership andtime management.

There are various trends in health care management that can impact onmy future OT practice. Increased data demands is a current trend thatrequires health professional to have any available informationregarding their patients to make informed decisions (Thakur et al.,2012). My future workplace will have to invest in the enterprise datawarehouse for easy access to patients’ data using analyticsapplications. Also, data security is an import trend in healthcaremanagement. With the increased instances of data breaching, the OTpractice will require the use of utmost confidence to avoid exposingpatients to parties who have no interest in their conditions (Thakuret al., 2012).

Patient-centered care is also another trend that is likely toinfluence my future practice. Health care management is investing inpractices that improve patients’ satisfaction by building rapportbeyond the traditional office visit (Walshe &amp Smith, 2011). As anOT, the recovery of patients is the main objective. Therefore,investing in patient-centered approaches will not necessarily be anoption.

Finally, the use of technology will significantly affect my practice.Reaching out to patients using devices like mobile calls, videocalls, and Skype will help to monitor adherence to treatment andrecovery (Walshe &amp Smith, 2011). In my OT practice, these will beimportant in increasing patients’ satisfaction by reducing thenumber of times they have to be physically present in the office.


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