Transition into Professional Nursing

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Transitioninto Professional Nursing


BSNnurses are likely to possess a broader knowledge of patient care.This may result from the prior preparation advanced concerning thebasic bedside clinical care for the patients. Later the knowledge isshifting to the realm of licensed nurses or and the nursingassistant. Secondly, it improves the mobility job prospects for thepatient given the broader operations role installed in the MSNnurses. Lastly, there is greater job security prospects and potentialhigher earning for these nurses. Due to the higher standards ofprofessional delivery, the MSN nurses are expected to be consideredin opportunities and also likely to be retained (Duchscher,2008).

Clinicaland management opportunities tracks are rich in career opportunities.However, they both differ in their applicability and operationally.For the clinical track, an individual have opportunities to holdvarious titles like the professor and associate professors in thevarious health and nursing courses. Teaching the various courses indifferent health institution will be adventurous. For the managementtrack, the opportunities are available because there is a great needfor quality management. Providing management for a health settingrequires mastery in leadership and motivation. There are limitedhuman resources with the requisite management skills and, therefore,providing greater opportunities in the management track. Depending onthe area of specialization, the two can provide a professionalopportunity for career development.

Iwould choose the management track in this case, however. This isbecause I like to work to beat the challenge. Management involvessolving challenging problems and also making strategic decisions. Assuch, it would provide a challenging opportunity for me to work hardand interact far and wide making varied consultations necessary inproviding the best solutions to problems and making viable decisionsto opportunities (Santucci,2004).


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