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OB Factor


Shared vision




Positive Organizations

Deficit paradigm

  • Only senior navy officers are able to make decision.

  • Communication is top to bottom.

  • There is a need to ensure both senior and junior officers have a shared vision.

  • Shared vision influence the achievement of organizational goals.

  • Empowering all officers to develop themselves fully and take an active role in decision making.

  • People from all levels in the organization need to have the potential of being future leaders

  • Potential leaders need opportunities to get involved in decision making.

  • Working together of both senior and junior navy officers is essential in promoting future leaders.

Strength paradigm

  • Adequate channels of communication are essential.

  • Senior and junior officers should have a shared vision.

  • The success of the leadership summit suggests a shared vision in the navy.

  • The navy leadership found it necessary to empower future leaders in the organization.

  • Future of the organization depends on leadership programs adopted today (Mullins, 2013).

  • Promoting both individual and institutional factors that promote teamwork.


Cross culture communication

  • How information is communication and its effectiveness is affected by culture.

  • The navy is composed of different cultures and therefore communication strategies should take this into consideration.

  • A shared vision must be communicated to different individuals in the organization.

  • For example, all navy officers should clearly understand why developing future leaders are necessary.

  • An organization can use cross culture communication to empower different individuals.

  • For example, navy officers in different ranks.

  • Leadership is directly influenced by communication.

  • The success of a leader is dependent on his ability of a leader to communicate across the culture.

  • Team work is dependent on communication.

  • Promoting interpersonal communication skills is essential in developing team leaders and working teams (West, 2012).

Organization culture

Shared values

  • The shared vision must be communicated to the different stakeholders.

  • The navy can use several channels of communicating the shared vision, including leadership summit.

  • The shared vision should be a basic aspect of the organizational culture.

  • The organization in this case is the navy.

  • Empowerment forms the foundation of the shared vision of the navy.

  • A leader should be able to promote the shared vision.

  • The navy leadership should be able to promote the shared vision of developing future leaders.

  • Shared values are the foundations of a team.

  • The leaders and their followers should have a common vision.


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