Time Management Assessment

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TimeManagement Assessment

Skills inhandling personal time management are critical for competentindividuals. Individuals that use these set of techniques on aroutine basis tend to be the highest achievers in life. According toVarga (2011), if one uses these time management skills, he or shewill be in a better position to function well, even when underpressure. Moreover, as one masters these time management skills,control takes the center stage, while other things, for example,stress and pressure, are eased. The paper, therefore, is a timemanagement assessment, which will involve my time managementinformation of self-assessment while it incorporates leadershiptheories, professional nursing organization, leadership versusmanagement, and time management.

My timemanagement self-assessment often revolves around the realization thatthere are a lot to do with a limited amount of time. First of all,all efforts to effectively handle and manage time begin withplanning. I often plan ahead by coming up with a flexible agendas andcalendars. By having a well-executed plans and schedules, myself-assessment is provided with a big picture of my workload andpresent and the idea of focusing on a certain assignment. Timemanagement self-assessment is best incorporated into leadershiptheories, for example, the participative leadership. According toVarga (2011), participative leadership, rather than assumingarbitrary decisions on self-assessment, prefers the handling ofagendas by a set of chosen individuals.

Anotherself-assessment of my time management involves setting up of mygoals. The setting up of goals is an essential tool that will assistme in managing time effectively. Setting goals would spur mymotivation and focus that would make me work harder while helping meaccomplish what I have set to achieve. Here, the leadership theorythat best describe my leadership style, more so in my professionalnursing is the behavioral theory of leadership.

Varga (2011)described it like that, which does not look into the inherentcapabilities or traits, but rather what other leaders in theprofessional nursing field do. These quality best describe how Ihandle my time management with describable features. Additionally, myleadership habit is best described by the behavioral theory, whichaccording to Varga (2011), assumes the leadership capability would belearned and not being inherent. It, therefore, opens to the idea ofleadership development instead of simple psychometric assessment,which differentiates those with the potential to lead from thosewithout a chance.

There are asimilarity and difference between leadership and management. Onenotable difference is in their definition. For instance, leadershipis described as the ability of an influential individual to motivateand take part in the effectiveness of an organization. On the otherhand, management is involved with the description of directing andmolding a group of individuals or entities for a purpose ofharmonizing and coordinating that particular group to accomplish aset objective or goal (Varga, 2011). Similarities revolve aroundlooking at the problems, creating strategies, ideas, policies, andmotivating individuals.

In conclusion,time management self-assessment is characterized by calendars, phonenumbers, a stack of papers, and setting up goals. For professionalnursing organizations, leadership is essential in management andkeeping of time. My self-assessment is best described by agendas,calendars, and setting of goals. Therefore, skills are necessary forpersonal control of time. With these skills, there is easy planningwith little stresses and pressure from within.


Varga, A. (2011). Time management. New York: Nova SciencePublishers.

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