The Statue of Liberty

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TheStatue of Liberty

Foundon the Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty also referred as LadyLiberty remains one of the most iconic statues in the US for over 125years (Sutherland,2003). To many Americans including immigrants, this statue is seen as asign of hope and promise of equality. The section below indicates thearchitectural significance of the Lady Liberty as a work of art whosestructure and function are also the foundation of her symbolicsignificance.

Thestatue, a steel framework pounded with copper sheets weighing up to225 tons, was designed by sculptors from France in collaboration withthose from the US (Richard,2015).As a piece of architecture, the figure wasgiven a simple though powerful silhouette which is significantlyenhanced by its precise harbor location (Encyclopediaof Art and Design, 2015).It has a female figure, and there are 154 steps to the head frompedestal. On the left hand, the Lady Liberty holds a tabulaansata, astone-shaped tablet which symbolizes the law.The statue contains pedestal decorated with Aztec motifs, all ofwhich are in line with Greek Architecture. Itis notable that the broken shackles on the feet of the Libertysymbolizes the aspect of breaking away from oppression and tyrannywhich was much present during the 19thand 20thcentury in the US (NewYork City Vacations, 2016).The woman figure of the statue gives hope of life and freedom fromservitude and oppression (UNESCOWorld Heritage Centre, 2016).The green light reflected by the Liberty as a result of the effect ofweather on the copper plates is an indication of a bright future formany Americans assuggested in the American Dream.

Fromthe above it is clear the architectural design of the Lady Libertypresents sign of hope not only to the Americans, but also to the restof the world. Therefore, it is important for visitors to payattention to its design in order to have a dipper understanding ofits symbolic meaning.


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