The Scorpion

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The Scorpion


“TheScorpion” is a technologically based movie that encompasses a teamof geniuses who think in unison to solve the matters that affect mosttheir country. It consists a series of events that illustrate thecapability of this team of geniuses in dealing with crimes and otherrelated issues. In this movie, there is a series of relationshipsamong different actors that can be critically evaluated to theinformation learned in this course.

Inthe film “”, there are different scopes ofinterpersonal relationships that are illustrated in the course of themovie. Some of the types of interpersonal relationships that areillustrated in the film include work relationship, romanticrelationship, and family relationship. This film illustrates thisinterpersonal relationships in different areas as the filmprogresses. For instance, work/professional relationship isillustrated in most of the parts of the movie after the scorpiongroup accomplishes their missions. Actually, after every mission, theinterpersonal relationship is seen to grow, and each member seems toacknowledge the abilities of their partners and even have more trustin them. Besides, family relationship is seen when the main actor,O’Brien offers medical assistance to his sister. This shows astrong family relationship since Walter does this service from thebottom of his heart. As the film progresses, it is disclosed that hehad promised his sister that he would come back for her and offerfinancial assistance so that she could be treated. In addition,family relationship is evident from the way Agent Gallo behaves whenit comes to the matters concerning his wife. It is evident that therewas a strong relationship between this government agent and his wifeand he even eagerly waits for the moment when they will reunite.Typically, both of the relationships in the film are seen toexperience growth and become much stronger as the story line of thefilm develops episode after episode.

Developmentof the relationships as the movie progresses



Normally,this is evident as people often interact and develop a strongrelationship in different settings (Peplau,2006).It is the same case in the film among two character Paige and Walter.As soon as they start working together they appear to have stringsattached, and it seems predictable that their relationship can growinto something substantial. As they accomplish most of the missionsassigned to them, Paige moves a step to her disclosure about the loveand care he has for her counterpart. Actually, they both havefeelings for each other it builds up a strong and emotionalrelationship among the two of them. Additionally, the same caseoccurs with another duo that is Tobby and Happy. Their relationshipis seen to develop as the movie progresses and Tobby even takes astep to disclose the feelings he has for his counterpart, Happy.Typically, in both of this cases, the relationships are seen todevelop in the course of the movie, and there seems to be a positiveoutcome at the end of the movie.

Forinstance, there is a point when Paige follows Walter to his officeand discloses her feeling for him before Walter is disrupted by aphone call. There is also a similar instance a midst a mission whenTobby opens up to Happy about the emotional feelings and the carethat he has for her.


Typically,every relationship occurs when the parties sacrifice their personalautonomy. This is evident in the working relationship that existsamong all members of the scorpion. Due to the unity that exists amongthe team, there is a massive progress of scorpion such that they gamefame all over the country. This is due to the ways the members of theteam are connected to each other and also the trust they have foreach team member due to the many experiences they have gone throughtogether. However, according to the Rational Dialectics Theory, theexcess relationship among a group of people will always ironicallyabolish the relationship since the identity of the individuals becomelost. The case is not different with Scorpion team since, after muchsuccess in their missions, some of the relationships do not go asit’s expected and for a moment the team is dissolved. The trustthat the members of the team had on each other is diminished becauseof the expectations they had previously at the time of the success.

Certaintyand Uncertainty concept

Thisconcept postulates that people will always expect predictability intheir relationships (Kiesler,2000).In this movie, both Paige and Walter have many expectations regardingthe development of his relationship from a working relationship to aromantic relationship. However, things might not always occuraccording to the expectation of either of the parties. For instance,Walter is deeply affected by stress and even engages in a roadaccident because both of the relationships do not go according to hisexpectation. Its comes to his realization that agent Gallo does notstill share everything with him and also that Paige tells him that hedoes not have the same feelings that he is having. This example iscrucial to illustrate this concept since it shows the expectationsthe actors had and how the things were going.


Thisis evident in most of the parts of the film whereby the individualsengaging with the Scorpion team get to be sharp because of the peoplethat surround them (Peplau,2006).For instance, Paige and Agent Gallo get to understand the basicconcepts of coding, engineering, and psychology as a result of thepeople that surround them. It can be seen in the course of the filmthat Paige can assist Sylvester in hacking systems. This is a crucialillustration of association as an interpersonal concept sincebuilding relationships with a group of people can also transform aperson thinking.

Applyand evaluate the interpersonal relationship in the film

Theprofessional relationship is well illustrated in this film, and itcan be equated to the level of success achieved by the Scorpion Team.It is seen that both members of the team freely share theirprofessional ideas so that they can find a solution to an issue thatthey are solving. This is clear in every each of their missionswhereby they brainstorm as a team and even crack jokes in the processso that they can come up with an idea. Due to this interaction, thereis the building up of a strong relationship due to the workingenvironment. This is in line with the social connection theory. Inthis theory, it is postulated that individuals might have a strongsocial relationship due to the interaction they have at their workplace. Besides, the strong belief in each other for all the membersof the team is due to the strong social, interpersonal relationshipbuilt by the team members.


Inthis movie, there are different types of relationships that areexpressed by the actors. Most of the relationships have beendiscussed in this essay and some have been related to the models thathave been discussed in class. Typically, this film appears to be themost suitable since it illustrates the various types of interpersonalrelationships appropriately.


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