The Obesity Program

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TheObesity Program

Obesityis an endemic in the United States of America which has become achronic weight problem to many of its citizens. We have a lot ofnotions that try to explain the cause of obesity. Two clear answersthat could closely explain why obesity affects people are either notexercising properly or eating too much food (Panel,et al. 1998)


Thepurpose of program

Itis clear that obesity is an epidemic that needs to be dealt with soonrather than later. It is estimated that about 68% of adults living inthe United States of America are affected with obesity, and about 35%of adults are obese.

Sinceobesity is an alarming issue, there is a need to tackle the issuequickly. Therefore, we must find ways that will reduce the number ofobese in America both adults and children. Obesity can lead to otherknown diseases like stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, someother types of cancer, etc. If it is possible to tackle the epidemic,this means that it will be easier to reduce the chances of peoplegetting diseases related to obesity (Panel,et al. 1998)


Inour local hospital, we have a lot of cases concerning obesity andmost cases we deal with or concern ourselves with patients who arealready suffering from the epidemic. We need to change this tacticand spread the awareness to people on how one can prevent obesity.Proper awareness should be done such that people should be able toknow if they are obese by using the BMI index and also know whichproper nutritional diet they should take to prevent being obese.


Thetarget population has always been people who are obese already and asearlier said this must be changed. It has been noted in the unitedstates America that a two-year-old child that is already obese has ahigh rate of being an obese when they become adults. This shows thatnot much is done in preventing people from being obese (Panel,et al. 1998)


Thetarget population will, therefore, include three types of group thatare:

i)People with obesity

ii)People who are overweight

iii)Healthy people with obesity

Peoplewith obesity

Theseare people who help affected by obesity and need immediate help assoon as possible. The type of help that they need is dependent at therate at which the obese needs help. There are cases whereby some needsurgeries for them to recover and survive others might need a goodexercise program and medication

Peoplewho are overweight

Theterm overweight will be defined by the use of a body mass indexchart. An overweight person can be a person whose weight is slightlyabove the weight of a normal person. They are a target because theyare most likely to be vulnerable to become obese (Panel,et al. 1998).


Ahealthy person is an individual whose weight is considered average.The main reason as to why they are included as a target population isbecause the majority of obese were once healthy. It is unlucky thatthey did not get proper information about obesity. Information likehow to eat a proper nutritional diet and to maintain a healthy body(Panel,et al. 1998)


Benefitsof the program

Therewill be countless benefits that the program will offer both to thepeople and the hospital management. The benefits will be divided intotwo categories mainly the benefits to the people and benefits to thehospital organization

Benefitsto the people

Peoplewill benefit from this program because they will be treated earlierbefore the obesity reaches a critical stage where the life of aperson is at risk. It is noted that if obesity is treated at an earlystage, it means that we have prevented some diseases affecting apatient. The diseases that come about due to obesity include sometypes of cancer, heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, etc. (Wang,et al. 2008)

.Spreading awareness to the people will also lead to reducing thenumber of affected people. Such ways that could be useful would beintroducing lessons in schools on preventive measures to stay healthyand stress the point that people with obesity need medicalassistance.

Benefitsto the hospital management

Themain goal of any hospital is to offer the best medical care to itspatients. It is because of the patients that there are hospitalsthis means that the hospitals main obligation are to treat thepatients and to offer the best medical care. Obesity is an epidemicin the United States of America to a point that it has become achronic condition. Therefore, it is the duty of the medicalinstitution to try to reduce the epidemic (Wang,et al. 2008)

.The hospital will benefit by achieving its goal by offering goodservice to the patients. Regarding finances, the hospital will getmoney from treating the patients that in turn the finances could beused in research in obesity.

Thecost of the program

Theprogram will need funds for it to be successful the funds will beused in raising the awareness of the epidemic among the people who donot know about obesity and also in research of ways to treat patientswith obesity. Awareness will involve the use of media, introducinglessons in schools about obesity, use of individuals to go to eachand every home teach the people about obesity and its risks. It isestimated that close to 100,000 dollars will be needed for theprogram to be effective. This amount will cater for all the expensesthat will occur in one financial year. The funds will only be usedfirst in our community and its environs before it can be used in thewhole country (Wang,et al. 2008)


Evaluationof the program

Theprogram will be assessed on an annual basis. The evaluation willinvolve getting the right statistics of how many people will havebenefitted from the program and how effective the program was to thepeople. The evaluation will also tell us if it is right to continuewith the program or find other alternative methods that will be used.The evaluation will include the number of patients who have beenaware of the program and have gotten the necessary help from thehospital (Rankinen,et al. 2006)

.The number of people that will consider our hospital as the best inoffering services concerning obesity to its patients.

Feedbackfrom the manager about the proposal

Themanager read the proposal and was impressed by the proposal becauseit talks about an issue in our society that is being neglected bymany people, yet it could cause a lot of health risks to people. Theproposal would be approved if it were taken to the board for approvalof funding (Rankinen,et al. 2006)


Strengthsof the proposal

Theproposal talks of an issue that is an epidemic in our country and wecannot afford to neglect it because we have a lot of people who areaffected by obesity either directly or indirectly. The proposal talksabout the causes of obesity and ways in which we can try to reducethe number of people affected by the obesity.

Weaknessof the proposal

Itis eminent that the funds needed to fund the program were notproperly explained on how it will be used. For example, it is notclear how much will be used to fund the lessons in schools or amountthat will be needed for the door-to-door awareness of the obesitycampaign.


Itis noted that it is important to deal with obesity before thesituation worsens countrywide. In this modern era where technology isadvanced in the medical field, we should be able to reduce the numberof people affected with obesity (Rankinen,et al. 2006)



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