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The worker is an account of Hellen Keller’s discovery of languagethrough the tireless effort of Annie Sullivan after losing her sightin childhood. After Keller’s parents discovered that their childcould not lead a normal life due to her loss of hearing, theinstitutionalized her and seeks the services of Perkins Institute forthe Blind and she lands at the hands of Annie (Gibson, 2008). Annieacts as a parent figure for the child, and she had to help her out ofthe defiant behavior she h developed.

Hellen finds Annie’s behavior intolerable, and she decides to helpher out of it. The source of conflict between Annie and Hellenemanates from Hellen’s medical condition and her upbringing. Due toher inability to hear, Hellen cannot express herself in words and sheuses actions like breaking things and hitting other people.

Also, her biological parents did not discipline her. Her conditionled them to pity her, and she became the ruler of the house doingwhatever she wanted without reproach. Annie does not give up sinceshe knows that it is only through learning language that Helen cancontrol her behavior. After learning the names of different items,Hellen slowly controls her behavior (Radcliffe, 1972).

The time she spent with Hellen allows her to discipline her graduallyby teaching her the names of the items she wants. Hellen taught herwithout exerting a heavy hand on her. She knew that her indisciplinewas a result of her parent’s irresponsibility and excess sympathythat resulted in more harm than good (Nielsen, 2009).

The conflict is important to the development of the work since Annieacts as a miracle worker. Hellen’s parents could not have done thewonders that Annie did to their child. At the end of the book,Hellen’s transformation is evident as she accompanies Kate andAnnie to the Perkins Institute. The miracle worker helps her to shedher earlier behavior, and she is no longer isolated.


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