The Loss of My Love

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TheLoss of My Love

Thereis no better way to explain my current indulgence in alcohol, but totry to understand the loss of my one and only love. I lost her twoyears ago in a car accident as we drove from a friend’s birthdayparty. I lament declining her proposal that we should have spent thenight since I was too drunk to drive. I remember her last wordssaying, “Honey, but you are so wasted to drive, let’s just spendthe night and leave tomorrow morning while you are sober.” Myconscious preoccupies my mind because I feel I killed her myself. Ieven feel more guilty and responsible for her demise because she hadcautioned me against driving under influence just a week before theaccident. We were watching a program on television where a trafficofficer warned drivers against drunk driving since it causes thedeath of one person in the United States in every 51 minutes. I hadalso sworn to quit drinking after I read government statisticsindicating that the USA loses approximately $59 billion to alcoholrelated accidents (InjuryPrevention &amp Control: Motor Vehicle Safety).

Jedidawas my first love I met her in college as I pursued my engineeringcourse. I nicknamed her as ‘my night nurse’ since she studiedmedicine and would therefore prescribe medication whenever I gotsick. She was dark-skinned and beautiful. Her long hair and the sleekbody was a sign of love. Her smile revealed a well-formed whitedental formula she spoke in a soft voice enough to please the devilhimself. She was outspoken and humorous. Immediately she became apracticing doctor, she made fun of her daily activities as a way ofrelaxing from the stressful nature of her job. We lived inimmeasurable happiness. She also knew how to start and keepconversations going, which was one of the characters that made her mydarling angel.

Ilost my love on the highway I had constructed myself. As a civilengineer, I was used to work late hours, and we would drive home inthe wee-hours with my colleagues. Consequently, my acquired drivingskills had made me believe that no matter my condition, I could notlose control, especially, while driving. However, I was wrong. I wasneglectful of the fact that my whole family was on board the car.Nowadays, I shiver whenever I pass past an accident scene. I onlyhave the photos of my love to admire forever. Her Facebook postsremain as a reference that she lived. Despite my admirations, I haveto accept that she is no more, but I made a vow not to marry anotherwoman in respect of my one true love. May God rest her soul in peace.


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