The Laws Affect Businesses

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TheLaws Affect Businesses

Differentlaws in the business environment affect businesses in different ways.The laws relating equal employment opportunities are created with theintention of making working relationships better. In the internalbusiness environment, laws such as the Equal Employment OpportunityCommission (EEOC) laws create a platform where each of the players isbetter placed to achieve organizational objective. Particularly, thelaws promote equality in the business environment. This is theequality of the laborers and the employers in a business environment,thereby facilitating motivation of the people. At the same time, thelaws promote better communication between the employers and theemployees.

Anotherimpact of the laws on the businesses is the creation of a safe aswell as a friendly working environment. By reducing thediscrimination through their application, the laws create anenvironment that becomes friendlier for the employees to work. Inaddition, the laws also ensure that the diversities of the people donot impact negatively on the working environment. This is because thelaws ensure that different backgrounds of the employees do notinterfere with the work opportunities in an organization.

Onthe other hand, the laws affect the business environment andoperations negatively to create perceived disadvantages of theirapplication. To start with, the laws create an additionalresponsibility for business organizations as they create a need fortheir implementation. The laws require businesses to make specialaccommodations, which creates more work for the businessorganizations to implement. As a result, the laws take more time fromthe management. This is because businesses spend time addressing theaccommodations for the law, than on the administrative duties.

Inaddition, the laws create an insufficient request that may notnecessarily solve the needs of the employees. This is because thelaws create a request for the management in a one-time basis. As aresult, the laws may not be effective in solving the needs of theemployees that occur on a recurring basis. At the same time, the lawsare expensive to implement for the business organizations. The lawscost business organizations to create, set up and put them intoeffect.

Inthe light of these effects of the laws, businesses can adhere to anumber of recommendations. For business organizations, they arerecommended to teach employees about the different ways thatdifferent cultures operate. In this regard, the implementation of thelaws will be done with the human resource department being educatedabout ways of preventing discrimination. This can be done through theEEOC mediation program that is cost free. In addition, businessorganizations should resolve conflicts or legal charges that emergefrom the organizational operations. This can be done if anycomplaints or charges that arise in the working environment arise.

Inthe light of the impact of the laws on business organizations,businesses should be keen at identifying the factors that necessitatetheir implementation. Therefore, businesses should hold moreactivities that can be collective in promoting organizationalcohesiveness. Business organizations should promote bettercommunication between employers and employee. This will reduce anyconflict or potential areas of disagreement that result fromdiversity or differences in backgrounds. Moreover, businesses shouldpromote communication between employees. This promotes cohesivenessand unity among the workers of an organization despite the existenceof diversities among them. All in all, the implementation of the lawsis important despite the challenges that they present to businessorganizations.

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