The Language of God

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TheLanguage of God

TheLanguage of God

Thebook “: A Scientist Presents Evidence forBelief” was authored by Francis Collins and published in the year2006. Collins is a devout Christian and a physician-geneticist, whoused his extensive knowledge to establish the bridge betweenreligious faith and science, with the main focus on the controversialissue of the origin of life. Collin makes three key arguments thatreduce the conflict between scientific theories of the origin of lifeand religious beliefs. First, Collins argues that the existence ofabout 15 constants (including light and strong nuclear bonds) did notoccur by chance, but their existence can be attributed to thesupernatural being that created the entire universe (Collins, 2007).Although Collins is a scientist, he believes that the very origin oflife should be attributed to God’s creation.

Secondly,Collins does not reject the theory of revolution as many Christiansdo, but rather states that it is in line with biblical narratives andbelief in God. Collins argues that Christians contradict theevolution theory and the creation story because the bible seeks toteach theological truths instead of giving the natural history thatis in turn provided by the theory of evolution (Collins, 2007).Therefore, failure to understand the bible and scientific theories intheir context can cause conflicts between scientists and religiousgroups.

Third,Collins finds the theistic theory of evolution as the most suitableframework that should be used to reconcile scientists and Christianswho disagree on the issue of the origin of life. This is because thetheistic evolution theory holds that the supernatural being, God,applied elegant mechanisms that involved evolution to establish life(Morroquin, 2007). This theory integrates the aspect of evolution,which is supported by scientists, and the involvement of God, whichis the basis of the Christians’ concept of creation.

Inconclusion, the book “: A Scientist PresentsEvidence for Belief” clears a lot of misunderstandings concerningthe origin of life. The book’s author, Francis Collins, uses thetheist theory to reconcile the conflicting groups that include thescientists and Christians.


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