The Health Care System in the United States

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TheHealth Care System in the United States

TheHealth Care System in the United States

Thehealth care system is a major concern for every person living in theUnited States of America. The system has been criticized for a longtime as being very expensive. The passing of the Affordable care Act,also known as Obamacare, was meant to make access of health insuranceaffordable in the United States. This seems not to have gone wellwith many people especially in the political field. The effects ofthe act have been used as a campaign tool shaping the politics inAmerica.

Thecost of health care in the United States is high and the quality isquestionable. I recently had a terrible experience when I developedstomach pains. Usually, whenever this problem comes up, I takeanti-acid drugs and the problem comes under control. However, thistime the drugs did not help ease the pain, and it got worse.

Itis then that I decided to visit a clinic near my home. The doctorthere run a number of tests on me and the sad thing is that he toldme that the problem was more complicated than he thought. He thenreferred me to another hospital. I thought that the data from theclinic had been transferred to this other hospital but unfortunately,that had not been done and I had to undergo the same tests againdespite the fact that that I was still in pain. When all that wasover, I was happy that I finally got medication and that the doctorwas able to identify my problem. After I went home, I was shocked toget two bills. I had to pay the clinic for the tests and also pay thehospital for the same tests plus medication. In my opinion, the costof health care is more than it should be. I had to pay so much moneywhich I was not prepared for which left me in debt for some time.

TheAffordable Care Act has been fought from all spheres. The Obamaadministration feels that with the ruling by the Supreme Court, thebattle against the Act is over. This is far from the truth as theRepublicans are still expressing their concern about the Act whichthey claim that the judges looked at the intent rather than its textin making their decision.

Thereare many benefits that can be drawn from the Act. For this reason, Ifeel that the Republicans should not continue pushing for a repeal ofthe law. The motive behind the repeal is not genuine, and it is beingused as a tool to gain political mileage seeing that the generalelections are approaching.

TheUnited States Supreme Court in making its rulings on ACA uses thepolicy of public interest. In the operation of the doctrine ofseparation of powers, the court has a role in ensuring that the otherarms of government do not exceed their authority. When the legalityof the subsidies under the Act was challenged at the Supreme Court,the judges had to make an independent decision.

Thejudges decided that the subsidies were legal, and this was a sounddecision if there was to be uniformity in implementation of the Act,as well as ensuring that every citizen of the United States gotaccess to affordable health care services. The ruling was good asfederal tax credits are eligible even for those citizens living inthe 34 states that had federal market places.

Thisassignment has provided a great insight on the Affordable Care Actthat has been challenged since it was passed into law in 2010. Theassignment has provided me with information on where I stand tobenefit through the provisions of the Act, as a recipient of healthcare services in the United States.


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