The Effectiveness of Project Management Lecturer

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TheEffectiveness of Project Management


TheEffectiveness of Project Management

WhatCollin could have done after the verbal attack from Henri?

Firstduring the meeting, it would be wise if Colin and Raouf would nothave been engaging in “their normal sidebar conversations” sincethey obviously knew that the behavior enrages Henri especially by thefact that he is a short tempered person. This action really provokedhis temper and placed him in a foul mood. We prove this by the way hesays “more time should be put into working rather than chitchatting at meetings”. After the verbal attack, it would have beenwise and prudent project management practice for Colin to apologizeto Henri regarding his conversing during the meeting as this wouldhave passed as being a sign of disrespect or insubordination.Nonetheless, he should have respectfully interjected and correctedhim when he made the claim that the project was a month behindschedule because of him. Another mistake that Colin made was going toreport the matter directly to the Project Manager (Jack) rather thanemploying the confrontation technique of conflict resolution byapproaching Henri directly and declaring his dissatisfaction.Furthermore ,the fact that he went ahead to even suggest the actionsthat Jack should take against Henri such as getting Jack fired ortransferred to another project by alleging that it is his commonhabit, he is unpopular in the office and that Jack is always lenienton him is also wrong. Lastly, it wasn’t wise of him to organize adrink up with his other colleagues Raouf and Fatima and deceivingthem of having first hand information of Henri’s claim that thesoftware team headed by Fatima and Raouf being a member wereresponsible for the project delay. This information was hearsay thathe had obtained from Rosemary, Jack’s Admin Assistant and thus itis not first-hand information and thus this is tantamount tounethical behavior, plus he is poisoning other employees againsttheir boss and even encouraging them to also launch complaints toJack about Henri and mentioning to them of how their jobs and careersare at risk if they continue working with him, which is wrong.Lastly, he is discussing office matters outside the office premisesand especially in a social pub setting where there can bemisrepresentation of information due to the effect of alcohol.

WhatRaouf could have done after his meeting with Colin to preventescalation of the situation?

Raoufshould have first tried his best to convince Colin that reporting thematter to Jack before first meeting with Henri would worsen matters.If the two would have met beforehand, there is a possibility that thetwo parties would have solved the conflict amicably throughsmoothing, avoiding, or compromise. Also from another perspective,Raouf should have reported Colin’s unethical behavior to theproject manager, Jack, who would have smoothed the situation beforeit escalated.

HowJack could have handled his meeting with Colin? How Jack could havereacted after meeting with Colin and before meeting Henri and duringhis meeting with Henri.

Firstly,during his meeting with Colin, Jack should not have condoned themanner in which Colin approached him and started throwing tantrums athim. Jack should have stamped his authority as the boss andcompletely prohibited Colin from making the baseless accusations byeven going to such extents as mentioning that “…he always doessuch stuff”. These are allegations that had not yet been supportedby evidence, and thus should not been thrown all over in such amanner. Also, Jack should not allow the way Colin goes ahead toreprimand him by mentioning that “why is it that you let him getaway with it? …can’t you fire him or transfer him to anotherproject?” This is not the way a junior member should approach andtalk to his/her boss as if they had traded places and now he wastelling him what to do. It was wrong for Jack to condone this.Moreover, in order to smoothen the conflict between Colin and Henri,since he knew that the reason for Henri’s reaction and ill temperwas probably the arrest of his son on drug charges, he could havedevised a clever way of passing the information to Colin bymentioning that Henri was having some family issues and that was theprobable cause of his reaction towards him and nothing personal.After the meeting with Colin, before arranging a meeting with Henri,Jack should have first called a meeting with the other projectmembers in order to substantiate the authenticity and viability ofColin’s claims. If Jack had done so, there would be no loophole forHenri to shift blame of the project delay from Colin to Fatima duringtheir meeting.

Whatshould Fatima do?

Itwould be wise for Fatima not to go to her boss Jack to report ofColin’s claim that it is her software team that is delaying theproject. This is because Colin’s allegations on this regard areunsubstantiated and it is third party information received fromRosemary, Jack’s Admin Assistant who was eavesdropping on herbosses’ conversation, which is already unethical behavior, and thuscannot have the courage and audacity to testify in support of suchinformation since she may risk losing her job. The best move forFatima would be to approach Jack, the project manager and inform himthat issues between Henri and Colin are escalating for the worst andthat he should come in between and device the best method ofresolving the conflict before it detracts the overall progress of theproject.


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