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Inthe first forty minutes, the film introduces the seven young boys,their problems and personal disposition. First is Gunther Hoffman, ason to a widowed laundress that appreciates him. Michael Hinz, whosefather is a Nazi leader, despises him. Frank Glaubretch had hopes tobecome a German officer as per his family’s tradition. Karl, had acrush on his father’s hairstylist and was shocked to see them in anintimate situation. Klaus was unconscious of the affections fromFranziska his classmate. Walter was resentful of his father. Theywere recruited to the local army unit and placed to defend the localbridge against the raid by Americans after one day at the barracks(Wicki).


Thebridge is used as a metaphor to indicate the madness and futilitycaused by war. The metaphor is depicted as the number of the younglads continues to dwindle. Besides, the metaphor is emphasized whenthe original purpose of the mission is vanished by the end of themovie (Wicki).


Thebridge makes a statement to questions the decisions made during war.It exposes the abuse of authority to create tragedy. The governmentauthorizes reckless sacrifice of the young in the name of dying for anationalist cause. It depicts the selfish choices made by the Germangovernment and the price paid by the young lads for the desires oftheir seniors. The boys are depicted as victims of misguideddecisions of their families and the government as opposed to war(Wicki).


Thefate of the boys is tragic and wasteful since their efforts in thewar were never noted in history. The uselessness of the boys’service is first depicted at the start of the film where it’s clearthat the defeat of German was obvious. The boys were drawn into a warat its final throes. The movie ends with a caption stating, “Thishappened on April 27, 1945. It was so unimportant that it was nevermentioned in any war announcement”(Wicki).


TheBridge. Dir. Bernhard Wicki. Perf. François Goeske, FrankaPotente, Lars Steinhöfel,&nbsp1959. 2008. Film.

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