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PhilipZimbardo: The psychology of evil

Theattention speaker getter is ‘how and why do good people turn evil.’This phrase grabs the attention of the audience and gives them somecontext of his presentation. The attention getter offered PhilipZimbardo in his Psychology of Evil presentation an opportunity toknow the reason as to why his topic is important. The open-endedquestion gets the audience thinking about what the speaker will bepresenting. Not only is the question interesting but also thoughtprovoking. To explain, Zimbardo states that human beings like toconvince themselves that the line between evil and good is clear.Using evidence, he shows that the line is very permeable whereby evilpeople can become good, and good people can become bad. The speakercredibility statement: he is a professor at Stanford University andis popular for leading the 1971 Stanford prison experiment. PhilipGeorge Zimbardo is also responsible writing various psychology booksand works.

Thethesis of the psychology of evil presentation is ‘evil is notlimited to those who inflict it, but the system and situations thatpromote it.’ This thesis is a strong statement to which he provesby producing evidence. For instance, he presents evidence for histhesis by giving examples such as the American scandal where theAmerican guards at Abu Ghraib took to torturing their prisoners.These men and women had power over their prisoners and to prepare theprisoners for interrogation they took to torturing prisoners usinginhuman ways. The speaker conclusion is the punch line that driveshome his central point. He proposes that people should resist thepower of evil system abroad or at home and concrete on the positive.Also, he encourages respect of individual dignity, for justice andpeace. I found this statement from his presentation fascinating “Iam a hero in waiting,” these are inspiring and encouraging words.All in all, I found the speaker presentation very educative andinformative.

SugataMitra`s new experiments in self-teaching

Theattention getter in this video presentation is a statement thatstates that there are some places on earth found in every countrywhere good schools for various reasons cannot be built, and no goodteacher wants to go there. This is a hooking statement that keeps theaudience glued to the speaker. This memorable quote was developed bythe speaker and works well with his strong persuasion. Thecredibility statement is Sugata Mitra’s is an educationalresearcher Dr. his thesis statement is a school should be built inthe clouds to provide a place where children can discover and learnfrom each other. The supporting arguments for his thesis are in theabsence of a trainer children in an environment that inspirescuriosity brings about learning through peer shared knowledge andself-instructions.

Thehole in the wall experiment seems to suggest that tutors are notnecessarily needed to help children to run since children can dolearning if they have machines. The speaker presentation is effectivein that it manages to prove that children can still learn even in theabsence of teachers. The point I liked in this presentation is theroles of the teachers are changing and soon the world might have analternative to learning. This will be beneficial to children livingin places where teachers do not want to go.

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