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Thereis a time that I was in a group of four people, and we were supposedto carry out a speech assignment as part of a class inter-groupcompetition. All the group members were quite cooperative during theplanning phase of the assignment project. They gave out their views,and everyone was quite attentive to the views that were given.Through the process of brainstorming, we were able to come up withstrategies that would ensure we made a speech that would make us winthe competition. This phase of the assignment took approximately twohours in which we came up with a proper outline that we would usewhile writing the speech. The problem, however, came up during thetime of writing the speech draft. Most of us held the belief that itwas a tedious work that could not be handled by a single individual.We showed a characteristic of fear of taking up responsibility, anaspect that was quite detrimental to the progress of the assignment.It was an utmost laziness on our part. Another part that we hadperformed poorly in was the fact that we had not selected a groupleader before we started discussing. A group leader from thebeginning would have been worthwhile since the person would haveprovided a way guideline that would ensure that the assignment wenton smoothly.

Oneof us took up a leadership initiative in which she broke down the jobinto small pieces and assigned a part to each. This practice wasimportant as it was a clear indication of the act of delegation onher part. She was also able to motivate us into taking up theresponsibilities. We also felt that the job was eased up since eachof us was only required to carry out only a small part of theassignment as opposed to doing the entire work. We were able to dothe speech draft within three hours. We then compiled joined into agroup and made the final draft within two hours. Other forms of groupcharacteristics that were developed included full cooperation andbeing quite open to the idea that would be most feasible at the time.We felt free to ask each other questions in situations where we feltthat we needed some forms of clarification. This measure also enabledus to maintain value and respect towards each other as we felt thateach of us had a right to his views and opinions. The element of timekeeping also came into play as we were able to carry out the dutiesthat we were assigned in a timely fashion and as well, made thespeech within a good time. We also developed the characteristic ofexcellence in which we ensured that we did our work in a very niceway.

Thegroup was highly receptive to the idea that was shown by one of uswhich was geared towards finishing the group speech assignment. Whatwas so vital is the fact that all of us took an interest in theassignment and took turns to reading the draft that we had made toensure that the paper that we presented to met the requiredstandards. This aspect was brought about by the fact that we had beenshown a nice form of leadership by the group leader.

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