SWOT Analysis

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Based on the factthat there is an increase of students who are join high schools,universities and colleges F.A.L. is more desirable for those peoplewho want to rent. It is the role of the parents to ensure that thestudents have a favorable environment which is not likely to beinterfered with. For instance, it is normal for the rent to be lateand thus the landlord and agents who are the core-competitors of thereal estate’s can keep on bothering the students who are his or herclients. F.A. L. is easily accessible due to the increased use ofsmart phones and thus payment can be done online after evaluating andconducting research on specific place the F.A.L. is located (Self,n.d.). The young people who have been employed can save their moneyand finally buy part of the real estates.

It is easilyaccessible as many people have smart phones. It is not the era when alandlord used to print papers as a means of advertisement. The F.A.L.can use the modern method of advertisement where the information isposted in the social media. For instance, the higher number of younggeneration are capable of owning smart phones and thus if thedirectors of F.A.L. post about it, million of people will be awareabout the rental houses (DeCima, 2009). The online platform that isbeing used to buy and ask information concerning the real estate iscumbersome and effective. Payment will be done online and thus onedoes not need to keep on moving to the landlord office to conductpayment. Due to the increased number of working individuals thegovernment offers mortgage and thus F.A.L is the best place to be.

There are very fewcompetitors in this field. The only competitors are the agents andthe landlord. Based on the fact that the two competitors have beenworking in this field for long duration and what people expect is topay at the end of month. It would be the best solution when one buysa portion of a real estate to construct standard rental houses thatmeets the customer need. Some agents and landlords have the behaviorof applying penalties to the clients who conduct rate payments. TheF.A.L. offers the solution since one will never be fined again due tonegotiations that are conducted before one rents the house.

Based on that theapp is a multi functional and versatile the clients can review thelandlord’s information and the properties. This minimizes thechances of conmen’s and a woman’s who take advantage of theonline platform. Additionally, the property must be registered sothat when it is reviewed payment can be done via the online platform.

The young generationwho are mobile oriented has the advantage since the app has beendeveloped for the them. This is a method that is effective andefficient since they can just conduct the review and later notifytheir parents about such an app. The young working individuals hasthe smart phones and thus they are also targeted in the app sincemany have the advantage of applying for mortgage and thus buy in theprime areas where there are universities, hospitals and otherinstitutions.


One of the weaknessis that many landlords are old and thus to convince them to sign upfor the app will be difficult. It is important for the young peoplewho their parents are landlord to convince the importance of the app.The app plays an important role since when one signs millions of thetenants will be waiting for the landlord to indicate that theproperty is on sale and thus the one interested can buy it.Additionally, being an online business attracts many customers due totechnology. The administrator of the site should conduct marketingfor the online platform so that landlords can be equipped with theinformation concerning it and how effective and efficient it will beon their routines.

Individuals do notlike change even in the organizations. The same concept applies evento the young and older generations. It is not possible for people toshift freely from the previous “normal” way of finding rentalhouses to the use of app. It is only few people who embrace changeand thus it is important for the directors of the F.A.L app to ensurethat the marketing is conducted so that landlords can join the newonline platform. The tenants can join since they want places wheretheir need is meet and thus they will be concerned with places wherewater, electricity and favorable climate is not a challenge.

The next weakness ofthe app is that people need privacy and thus when landlords sign upfor the online platform it implies that their information is readilyavailable and thus accessed by million users of the online platform.Due to the increased insecurity which is a global challenge it isimportant for individuals to keep their property in privacy based onthat online platform can result to negative implication when privateinformation is shared.


Students both inhigh schools, colleges and universities need good landlords in thoseregions since students depend on their parents. It is not good toapply penalties to the clients based on that on time paymentsometimes in the companies fails and thus landlords should be awareof that so that good relationship is attained (Berges, 2004). Thereis high demand for such understanding landlords in the prime areas.

The next opportunityis that it is an open market that individuals can enter. The criteriafor entering the new market are optional though it is recommendablesince rental houses are in demand due to the working and increasednumber of students. The universities have increased and thus there isneed to come up with real estates in such areas to ascertain thataccommodation is available to the students and the workingindividuals.

The next opportunityis that the factories and other institutions that are opened in therental houses make individuals to be associated with the app. Manypeople need where there are financial institutions, health cares anduniversities since they are source of employment. When suchinstitutions are around the real estate’s it implies that there islikelihood of people using that app so that they can review the areaof their choice.

Security isparamount in those rental houses. Police posts or military base playsan important role in the rental houses this is because security is amajor concern in many areas. Whenever individual feel secure itimplies that they can come up with different strategy of obtainingincome and thus they will invest to make sure that the regions havedeveloped. In the rental houses like real estate’s security isprovided so that the tenants can feel secure and thus conduct anybusiness that can generate income.


Based on the factthat it is an easy market to enter, competition is easy to follow andthus it will continue. Competition in the market is encouraged basedon that services are going to be improved. Additionally, failure toencourage competition implies that status quo will remain the marketand thus services will not be rendered as intended to the customers(Tyson, 2015). It is the role of the landlords to ensure that theirclients have clean environment and security.

The agents post alot of threat to the business based on that they offer rental housesat lower rates as compared in the real estates. This makes people toprefer them even though they do not accept late payments. For thecompetition to be stiff the landlords should come up with rentalhouses that do not require deposits so that they will remain in themarket for a longer duration. The interest rates that are overchargedfor the clients should be withdrawn so that good relationship betweenthe landlords and clients is attained. When the landlords areconstructing the rental house they should consider prime areas wheresecurity must be a major concern. Water and passable roads is thenext criteria that should be emphasized. Financial institutions,health care and education institutions play a major role in ensuringthat the region is developing. This must be a criterion that shouldbe considered when real estate’s are being constructed. Failure toconsider such factors implies that the region cannot develop.


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