Summary of USA global Involvement (Part B)

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At the time of the Spanish American war, the United States went fromrelative isolation to increased global involvement because of theCuban struggle for independence, the Second World War, and the USSRinvolvement in the Vietnamese conflict. The consequences of theincreased global involvement on the American society were increasedindustrialization in America, and varying opinions and decreasingpatriotism.

The suffering of independence fighters in the neighboring Cuba madethe USA sympathetic towards their course hence increasing the publicdemand for the USA armed forces to intervene.

Spain’s declaration of war against the USA for possible involvementin the Cuban uprising forced the USA to declare war against Spain,begin the actual war, beat Spain and take over the control of PuertoRico and the Philippines.

The Second World War that divided the USA legislators intoisolationists and interventionists forced the legislators to debatewhether to join in the war like their neighbors Canada, or steerclear of European conflicts.

The United States entered global military conflict when Japan Sunk aUSA warship at the Pearl Harbor, the USA had no option but to jointhe allied forces in stopping the over- ambitious Japan from invadingThailand, New Zealand and Australia.

Supremacy battles between the USSR and the USA during the Cold Warcreated tension when the USSR and the Communist China offered theirsupport to the separations leader of North Vietnam because the USAfeared that South Vietnam and the whole of Asia could be convertedinto socialist states.

When socialist rebels (backed by China and USSR) together with NorthVietnamese forces wanted to topple the capitalist leader of SouthVietnam, president Johnson of the USA sent combat forces to help theleader of South Vietnam to hold on to power.

Involvement in global affairs increased industrialization in theAmerican society due to opportunities from defeating Spain in theSpanish American War and the opening up of China for business afterthe Chinese Exclusion Act.

Industrialization improved the social status of America’s poorpeople but the war in Vietnam forced the government to covert manyfood industries into arms factories and consequently leading to foodrations in the USA.

Involvement in global affairs led to divided public opinionespecially when Eugene Debs addressed the congress regarding hisopposition to America’s involvement in the First World War and hisimprisonment later on.

The results of global involvement can be seen in increased activitiesof the Civil American society, such as Lobby groups, universitystudents, as they were opposed to the idea of sending USA soldiers tothe Vietnamese therefore leading to many protests, young men runningto Canada to avoid forceful drafting and mutiny by US soldiers inVietnam.

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