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Inthe article, ThePower of Feminist Art,Broude and Garrard explore the idea of feminism in detail and alsothe idea of feminism art. In the early 1970s, feminism had the solepurpose of changing the art culture by ensuring that their genderbalance is observed, and the art itself is universal. The womenfeminisms, who were actively involved in politics, worked hard tochange the feminism art that existed amongst them. Between the 1950sand the 1960s, most women enrolled in the art schools, but few ofthem made it to the professional standard.

Thesocial importance of the main ideas raised in this article is toempower as well as know the moral and the immoral as far as feminismand art are concerned. It helps them know that within women, thereare social constructions that are useful but the feminism can rebelagainst such constructions. Women, therefore, should make informeddecisions to ensure that the usefulness of the feminism and art issafeguarded.

Personally,the importance of the issues raised in the article is to enable thewomen to have a shared common agenda amongst themselves despite thetwo opposing sides that exist between them.

Iemployed the form of reading the main ideas in the article andunderstanding them in detail and also relating them to the real lifesituation while putting the ideas in the application.

Thefeminism wanted to change the way men viewed them in the society byinvolving themselves in leadership roles, a responsibility that wasformally awarded to men. They redefined and revalued feminism byempowering women with prominent roles in the society. They criticizedsome of the roles the feminism endorsed on women.

InRebecca Schneider’s, the explicit body in performance, one of themain ideas, the author explains in detail how Schneemann, a graduatein painting involved herself in different women movements in the nameof feminism. The graduate was invited as well to perform in differentshows and the same event she was involved in was reported indifferent newspapers. In trying to put her career in an application,she thought of an organism and the possibility of changing its bodyparts.

Thesocial importance of this article is that it’s better to use thefeminism art to change the society’s view of oneself positively andwiden one’s social circles. Schneemann, though learned, presentedher paintings that comprised of her naked images covered. Thesepaintings were dismissed by several artists who regarded them asbeing messy.

Thisarticle makes me believe that my profession can make otherprofessionals in the same field develop a positive or negativeattitude towards me. However, such attitudes depend on how well Ipresent my ideas and apply them in real life situations.

Inreading this comprehension, I went through the questions and thenread the text keenly taking note of the main ideas as the questionsdemanded.

Schneemanndid most of her arts after observing most shows that were performedby men. She, therefore, thinks that women can perform the same rolesas men in the society, a reasoning that was common among feminisms.To her, being a feminine is using her feminism art without beinglimited on what to do by her fellow feminisms or the men in the sameprofession. Women feminism criticized the idea of dismissing theirpaintings and demanded equal recognition like the one accorded totheir male counterparts.

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