Summary, Evaluation and Thoughts

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Summary,Evaluation and Thoughts


Jonathanbunker shares his life of how he started his business from down tobeing a president of a company. His life in business was not just ajoy ride to the top but one with full of struggles and sacrifices. Hestates to be successful in life you need to know what you want,became it, be happy and like the income. He adds how it is importantto network with people as it is how she met her former boss Brendahwho helped him be where he is. He insist on importance of investingon yourself appearance, skills, and presentation. He adds it isimportant to be managerial in how you tackle everything and alwaysknow that with every time you are with people you are presenting amessage about yourself. He advises that you be the change youintended in the world and build trust with people. As success is arelation between you and another person, no one succeeds entirely ontheir own. He adds that it’s important you be committed to your jobbut don’t be serious with yourself. To him what matters most is howa person expresses himself the qualities he has.

Ipersonally believe that it is important to invest in yourselfespecially presentation and skills as they add quality in your life.A standing relationship in the business world is one that is built ontrust either between employees or employees and customers. Just asJonathan banker insist on self-investment I believe many businessperson and even non business have made it due to how they seriouslyinvested in their own abilities and skills. Investing in yourselfgives you confidence to express yourself in front of others. Themanagerial attitudes that bunker insist, is that you should alwaysapproach everything in a responsible way and make right decisions,which is an important aspect in business life. His advice that, ifyou can dream it definitely you can become it and be that change youwant, are good advices that motivate a person to work towards theirgoals.


NellBerube a CPA in his brief presentation shows the key factors that areimportant in business world. He starts with a brief introduction ofhow their company grew to where it is. He shows how it is importantto balance your business life with your personal life. He advisesthat to be successful you have to find something that you like andare good at it. He gives a brief overview of CEO responsibility. ACEO is an important position in an organization as they give thedirection of the organization and many lives depends on sanity on theCEO. He states it is important to work hard as a CEO and be a goodexample to others. It is important as CEO to always motivate peopleto realize their potential and be selfless. And is always importantto know that there other people who can do your job better so workharder to always be the best. He elaborates characteristics ofsuccessful people and important qualities in business life, he beginswith trust.

Hestress that it is important that to always do what you said you can,seek feedback and do the right thing as all this create trust. Headds candor on the list and states it is important to always attackthe issue and not the person. He adds it is import that you beproactive in delivering the news, both sad and good and praise loudand criticizes quietly. He adds that criticizing should be donequietly and as it is important to encourage other people to alwaysspeak. He adds in the business world you have to play to win, beaccountable and not matter how hard it gets never give up on quality.He also states that it is important to know how to adapt in thebusiness, to see solutions where others don’t, and learn fromexperience. He adds how it is important to collaborate with peoplenot boss them and be ready to compete and to win. He states theimportance of getting the right result and having a contingency planin the business. He show how important is education and training asit teaches you how to thinks and to act respectively. Finally he usesis son to show how it is important to always remain positive in lifeno matter what, to stress the importance of attitude.

PersonallyI believe this session was educative and reflects real lifeexperience of a CEO. It is true as a CEO you have so muchresponsibilities as you make the strategic business decision of theorganization and many life depend on the soundness of those decision.It is important to encourage people to be open as it allows them togive their feedbacks. Honest, candor, be ready for change,contingency, collaborate and having a positive attitude areinstrumental as they are strengths in the business that need beachieved at all time. They are key requirements among others thingsin establishing yourself strongly in the business market.Communication between people in organization is also important howyour praise them and criticize as you can make an employee or destroythrough how you communicate. As we all know an organization is itsemployees.


AlmaJeppson the owner of Land Mark Home Warranty shows how he struggle atfirst as an employee and an owner of a company. He begins with howthe previous boss saw employees just as a number in an organization.In the organization they were not motivated to work and their bossrepresented a poor leader. Alma quits and works for Telecommunicationorganization as he began a company with his friend in which theyfail. Alma receives allot of calls whether he operates a homewarranty company which his wife encourages him to begin. For sixmonths he researches on the home warranty market .Alma stresses theimportance of surrounding yourself with important people as theyencourage you using his wife as an example. He quits his job attelecommunication as his wife asks him whether it is good that he getpaid by an organization he does not give his all. He decides to giveall of himself to his business.

Toboost the organization he approaches his friend to borrow money whointroduces him to the bank and advise him on how to be confident andknow what to say. He plans his first presentation which he knewnothing about the question asked but he stress that it is importantto have personal connection with people as it builds a businesscustomer relationship. He almost shut down the business duringrecession but he persisted in the market as others withdrew. Heconcentrated so much on selling only as it was what he cared about.Instead of reducing his budget on advertising he increased it, makingthe company to be known even more, this lead to rise of theorganization market share. He stressed the importance to have clearmission visions, and values, defined roles and the importance of teamwork. He adds in the business world it is important to associateyourself with people who have done 100 million dollar businesses. Hestresses the importance of an employer creating a process thatmotivates employees and that they can put trust in.

Itis important to always motivate your employees as you give them anencouragement to work for an organization. It is important surroundyourself with people whom encourage you as they give you strength toalways believe in yourself. Alma provides good personal experiencewhich is resource for anyone who would like to start a personalbusiness. The first business they fail because he had not researchedthe market but on his second attempt he researched the market and hemakes a break through Alma show us it is important to know yourmarket. Confidence is an important character it has been stresses byall speakers in the business world. In any organization it isimportant that there are clear goals vision mission and values. Thisenables an organization to know how is run and where it is heading.As a business person always be willing to learn new things as theyadd value. Alma in my own thoughts tries to show what lack ofdirection in an organization can affect the organization structure,direction and leadership of the organization in addition to strugglesinvolved in establishing a business.

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