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LITR202World Literature since the Renaissance


Themodern man according to T. S. Eliot, is different from those wholived in the past. The times are also different and things havechanged. The modern man as depicted in this poem, has a lot going onin his mind, and there even comes a time and he loses goodopportunities.

Themodern man according to Eliot is eloquent, emotionally stilted andneurotic. He faces various challenges in his life. This modern manseems to be distant from reality, and even fails to communicate hisemotions. The modern man hides in a cocoon and seems to shut himselffrom reality by not speaking his mind, and yet, he is emotionally intorture. He describes the many women who come and go, but he fails tocommunicate effectively to the one in his mind.


GabrielConroy is well educated and earns his living out of his intelligence.However, he is alienated. During the party he does not enjoy himselflike the rest of the people. The rest of the people are focused onthe food and music but Gabriel’s attention is on the speech that hewill deliver. His focus is more on intellectual things.

Hisrelationship with his wife is also unstable, and he seems to haveburied his emotions. The reason he is alienated is because, he feelsthat there are more important things to concentrate on, and alsofeels the urge to be a leader. By the time he realizes that he hasneglected his wife, it is already late.

Gabrieland Prufrock are alike in that they lack emotional intelligence anddo not relate well with the occurrences going on around them. Theyconcentrate on themselves and forget the people around them.


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