Structure and Hierarchy of Courts in the United States

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Structureand Hierarchy of Courts in the United States

Structureand Hierarchy of Courts in the United States

Theneighboring states of Georgia and Florida have a different courtstructure. They both have the Supreme Court as the highest court inthe state the lower courts differ in jurisdiction. The highest courtin Georgia is the Supreme Courts, which is the court of last resortthat also interprets the constitution. Under the Supreme Courtinclude the flowing courts:

TheCourt of Appeals- It serves as the intermediate appellate court

SuperiorCourt-Serves as a general jurisdiction court

CivilCourts, County recorders Courts, and Probate Courts-They have limitedjurisdiction

Statecourts, Magistrate’s courts, and Municipal Courts- They havelimited jurisdiction

Juvenilecourts-They have limited jurisdiction

TheFloridian Court system is divided into two levels: the appellatecourts and trial courts. Appellate courts include the Supreme Courtand the District Courts of Appeal. Trial courts include the circuitcourts and the county courts.

TheSupreme Court- It is the highest with appellate jurisdiction

TheDistrict Courts of Appeal- Florida has five District Courts. Theyhave general appellate jurisdiction.

Trialcircuit courts- They try general jurisdiction cases outside thestatutory jurisdiction of county courts. They also have appellatejurisdiction of cases from county courts.

Countycourts- They try civil and less serious criminal cases involvingmonetary disputes, and misdemeanours.

Thedifference between the Georgian court system and the Floridian courtsystem is that laws of tort of a lesser degree, misdemeanours,ordinance violations, and traffic infractions are tried at theSuperior Court that has jury trials. In Georgia, such cases are triedin County courts. For example, a dispute between business partnerson how to share the proceeds of their business is likely to be takenbefore judges in the Superior courts while the same face countymagistrate court in Georgia.

Georgiaand Florida have the similar laws on abortion for minors. If Helenintends to procure abortion without the consent of her parents, sherisks facing the Superior Court of Florida on account of ordinanceviolation.


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