Stolen Self-Drive Interferes With My Work

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DEAR SHANNON: I joined ABC GLASS PRODUCTS GROUP in March 2012 as asales assistant. In January 2014, I was promoted to head the salesand marketing department at my branch. I can say my A-Level grade inmost of my units and a grade of 2.1 from the states university alongwith the excellent performance made me the most qualified sales andmarketing executive employee at ABC Glass. Last month, Jeddah, asales assistant was promoted to head a new branch. Tanah, whom weshared most of the clientele and construction sites was developed toa higher level to serve as a technical officer. I am more qualifiedthan Jeddah and Tanah yet I have not been offered any promotion orsalary increment. In fact, they joined shortly after I did in May2012. The company is currently searching for two more individuals totake Jeddah and Tanah positions. My guess is that they are targetingfresh graduates whom I shall be training for the vacant positions. Ihave been frequently overwhelmed by negative attitude and negativefeelings such as distress, worthlessness, defeat, anger and grief. Ifeel I have lost the daily drive to perform my duties. I concentrateless on weekly meetings and my duties. The problems with myconcentration span affect my relationship with my fellow workmates asI keep on asking the same questions or demand for explanations morethan twice. Last week, one of our loyal customers complained about aprofile color, and I panicked. I took the problem personally, butErick intervened. It is even worse that my office mate, Erick, looksdown upon me and we cannot stand each other. This situation hascreated differences in how I relate to fellow employees and obstructsme from accomplishing my goals. I hate this feeling. Please help—INEED MY SELF-DRIVE BACK.

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