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StateDepartment of Public Health

Ananalysis of Texas

Basedon your argument Kaitlan, it is evident that poor lifestyles and badeating habits are the leading causes of mortality. Controlled eatinghabits can reduce the number of obese cases among teenagers. You cancall to put to an end the abuse of alcohol and tobacco use resultingmostly from peer pressure is essential. This is in a bid to curb onthe rising cases of cancer related illnesses as` well as heartdiseases. You should advocate for stringent measures essential tocurb accidents that result primarily from reckless driving resultingfrom driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is becauseaccording to your survey, most of these accidents are avoidable.Counseling is essential among teenagers in high school with intent ofcurbing the heightened rates of suicidal attempts. You shouldemphasize on the need for strong support systems to guide theteenagers are essential, as the teenagers will have people to talk.

Ananalysis of Minnesota

Onthe other hand, Audie, on your highlights on maltreatment of childrenwho are a vulnerable lot in the society you should call forenforcement of laws to deal with parents who mistreat their childrenis of importance in a bid to curb the vice. Adoption of healthylifestyles to curb increased cancer and heart diseases is essential.You have noted that children are worst hit by life threateningillnesses, you should thus advocate for parents to observe preventivemeasures such as vaccinations and routine checkups. With closeobservation of the aforementioned array of solutions, we can changethe face of Texas. From my experience with my brother Migel, buildingstrong support systems for the teenagers is crucial. This make themfeel loved and they tend to have people they feel close to sharetheir problems and troubles with hence reduced suicidal attempts.


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