State and Local issues

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Stateand Local issues

Stateand Local issues

Oneof the issues that have attracted some attention of the media in LongIsland in New York and directly relates the actions of the stategovernment is the legality of fancy sports. In New York, gambling isillegal according to the state laws which states that “no lotteryor the sale of lottery tickets, pool-selling, bookmaking, or anyother kind of gambling” (TheEditorial Board, 2015).However, there are some exceptional such as horse betting, gamblingfor charity and approved casinos. Despite this, the online dailyfantasy games were not taken into consideration by the law. Recently,the New York state attorney went to court seeking an injunctionagainst two online fantasy games companies. Although the nature ofthe game is not specifically addressed by the state laws, there havebeen controversies on whether online fantasy games are technicallygambling. Although they are illegally available, sport betting in NewYork is illegal. There has been argument that the state laws do notaddress the changing nature of gambling (TheEditorial Board, 2015).Some people have argued that fantasy sports are not gambling andtherefore legal according to the federal laws. This is based on thefact that while fantasy sport is a game of skill, gambling is a gameof chances. People opposed to prohibition of fantasy sport games inNew York have argued that if casino games, which are games of luck,are legal, it is wrong to prohibit a game of skill. There are severalstates which prohibit online fantasy games especially onDraftKings.comand However, the two companies maintain that despitethese bans, fantasy games have not been proven to be illegal. Ifsuccessful, New York will join other states, “Montana, Louisiana,Washington, Iowa, Nevada, and Arizona”, which have banned fantasysports (&nbspShepardson,2015).


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