Songs of Solomon

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Songsof Solomon

The are theoretical songs that mostly consist of anumber of different parts that are determined to highlight thedifferent contextualization. This book presents different perceptionsto the meanings and interpretations of love by different genders.There is a prominent singular feminine gender that is presented bythe Shulamite woman and a masculine gender presented by Solomonhimself. The songs have choruses that might represent the daughtersof Jerusalem or both the concubines or wives of Solomon. This paperwill seek to view different interpretations and highlight broadly themeaning of Solomon’s courtship and his marriage to the Shulamitewoman.

Songsof Solomon is a book that is loaded with a variety of functions thatillustrates many levels of life at that particular time. These songshave brought about the theme of flights that is extensively used torepresent the numerous flights made by Solomon himself (Keith andWard 8). This theme has been highlighted by the use of animal imagerymostly the flights made by birds. It is interesting how the texts ofthe song relate to nature and expression of love. Many charactershave been given the names of birds such as Sarah Byrd and Singingbirds that allude to the birds. There are many references that aremade to birds in most of Solomon’s poetry such as ravens, chickenand peacocks (Morrison 15). This can be a meaning to the historicalflights that were prominent among the black people from problems suchas poverty, slavery and mostly violence. In addition flight has beenused to bring about metaphor in the book where the Pilate rises abovesubjective boundaries that were in the society.

Hencealthough the songs of Solomon are different from the ones of thecontemporary blues and poetry, the songs succeeded in fulfilling theintended functions that were laid out in the Old Testament. Theancient contemporary songs were mainly intended to guide the runawayslaves to the fulfillment of their freedom as in the case of songsand poetry written in those periods. On the other hand, Solomon’ssongs contained numerous secrets of his inheritance (Durthy et al50). The literal interpretation is shown in the woman who is at thecentre of the book of Solomon. There most evident interpretation ofthe book is only seen in the surface. This on-the surfaceinterpretation is seen in the view of the love relationship betweenthe Shulamite woman and King Solomon (Keith and Ward 15).

Thethemes of love is most prominent is represented through courtshipsand marriage that can be seen in the book. There are two maincharacters in this book Solomon and Shulamite woman have one thingin common in the meaning of their names. Their names typically meanpeace (Morrison 18). There exists a love triangle between Solomon,Shulamite woman and the Shepherd. This is a reflection of whathappens in the normal life of everyday people. Book shows despitehaving this knowledge, Solomon is relentless to pursue that what heperceives as true love. The way he is portrayed appealing to her isgentle and not forceful in any way (Keith and Ward 17).

Anothervery evident figurative interpretation of this book is that therelationship that is depicted in the book. As this is poetry, therelies a figurative language whose meaning is deeper than the surfaceview. In this regard the relationships that are seen in the text canbe applied to represent the kind of relationship that existed betweenGod and the people of Israel, or the church (Durthy et al 50). The clearly capture and presents a great love that isillustrated by the young woman for her beloved. This is particularlytrue since the songs and words in this book are mostly inspired.Hence the reader is encouraged not to overlook at any possibleinterpretations of the words existing in the book. This is becausethere could be much interpretation that is viewed from differentperspectives.

Moreoverthere are great lessons that this book brings into perspectiveespecially to young women or adolescent girls. This book offers togive young women spiritual guidance into finding and maintaining truelove (Keith and Ward 20). The young Shulamite woman is torn betweenchoosing her Shepherd and the relentless Solomon. Hence the integrityof marriage and so that of young love is much emphasized in the book(Morrison 21). Young women are guided in the process of finding andchoosing the right mate and the most important quality of love thatis patient. The book not only communicates to the unmarried but alsothe married, in remembering the importance of young fresh love andseeking to restore it in marriages. uniquely teachesand brings into broader perspective of the fruits of a loyal lovethat ultimately blesses marriage.

Songsof Solomon brings to light the fact that true love does indeed exist.The songs take a poetic style to present the imagery of showing thekind of love that exist between a man and a woman, particularly whenthe two are lovers. For instance he asked the Shulamite woman to puta seal over his heart to mean that he was completely owned by hercharm (Morrison 21). This represents complete giving and surrenderingto the other partner and show that love was indeed as powerful asdeath. The poem has further described true love to burning asbrightly as the flames of fire. This has been used to illustrate theintensity of emotions that was evident between the two lovers.However this true love has been distinctly identified as flamescoming from the Lord perhaps to highlight the importance of chastitybefore marriage (London circle 55). This is despite the fact that thepoem describes the deep and very lasting love that could not bepossibly bought by any money and be able to be quenched.

Thereis a deep Christian perspective that presents the otherinterpretations of the book. Christians understand that this book waswritten a King Solomon who was a great prince and the wisest of allmen. There is a deep relation that is presented in the love that isillustrated between Solomon and the Shulamite woman. From a Christianperspective this love is interpreted to represent clearly the lovethat exist between Jesus Christ and His people (Morrison 23). Thebook further presents in the most noblest of ways the marriagebetween the Christian Church and Jesus Christ. The flame of passionillustrated between Solomon and the Shulamite woman signifies theexisting love that Jesus Christ has for his people (London circle55). For many years the Hebrew strictly preserved this book to beread by anyone who was over thirty years. Hence such interpretationscould only be achieved by anyone with a sober and pious mind toclearly get the right interpretation.

Thesongs of Solomon emphasize on the importance of the institution ofmarriage. The book illustrates a clear purity and holiness in arelationship between two lovers who are Solomon and the Shulamitewoman (Durthy et al 35). The book does not give any hint orillustration of successful lust or covetousness of the flesh. Inaddition there is absolutely no uncleanness of the spirit or anydefilement in the relationships between the two lovers (Keith andWard 29). Therefore, the book is important in the Christian textsbecause it shows the need for love relationships. This shows thatpeople, not only Christians should be committed in theirrelationships. The main idea that stems out in this regard is theimportance of upholding human integrity and embracing marriage withhonor.

Thesongs of Solomon not only apply to the married couples. This bookapplies to every individual in a normal heterosexual relationshipthat normally exists between two individuals. Further, this marriageis compared to one that exists in the Christian culture, especiallyabout the relationship between the church and God. The book resonateswith the other Christian teachings and beliefs about theirrelationship with the church. Christian beliefs normally hold thatChrist was married to the Church and hence the continued pursuit oftrying to keep relationships as Jesus had to the church (Londoncircle 58).

Songsof Solomon predominantly uses trees and other plants to symbolizemany aspects of God’s love. The lilies for instance, have been usedin this book to symbolize the beauty of the Shulamite woman (Morrison31). She is described as a woman who was in constant pursuit to havean intimate spiritual relationship with God. Although she saw herselfas not beautiful Solomon described her beauty that made her stand outfrom all other women. In the text, there is the use of the phrase “mylove” by Solomon as he sought to plead with the woman. That termcould symbolically represent the love that God has to His people(Durthy et al 65). These particular people that God normally choosesare obscure, unimportant and unknown just at the Shulamite woman. Inthis regard to could be symbolically mean that God invites everybodyto have an intimate relationship with Him. To God just as theShulamite woman to Solomon everybody is like an exquisite flower thatis unique in their own ways.


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