Significant Learning in This Course

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SignificantLearning in This Course

Generally,the past semester can be termed a success considering the numerousthings learnt over its duration. The most significant learning thissemester are how to write essays, references, summary, do researchand formatting papers. These will be discussed further in this paper.

Essaysaim to provide an author’s argument concerning a given subject. Thefirst step in writing an essay with respect to a particular topic isto understand the intended goal of the question at hand or else itwill miss its usefulness and go off-topic. A thesis should beformulated that provides a general perspective on the argument thatforms the basis of response to the problem provided. The next step iscollecting relevant information and data that will be used to givethe essay credibility and substance. The data acquired should then bestructured in an organized manner that will give a reader a properunderstanding of the author’s argument. It should be noted thatplagiarism is highly discouraged in favor of original work.

Researchskills are an important aspect in acquiring sufficient and reliableinformation on a particular topic or aspect. To get started, aresearcher should identify the research topic and understand theassignment at hand and required information sources available thatprovide the preliminary stage of the research itself. The main partis composed of narrowing the research dimensions by collectingrelevant sources that are analyzed in-depth while organizinginformation acquired in a systematic, understandable manner. Oneshould not forget to cite their sources to give credit to theoriginal authors.

Referencesaim to give credit to authors of work done in previous papers that isused by an author in his/ her research. Additionally, it offers areader links for further readings concerning a particular topic.There are different ways to reference work depending on the field ofresearch and type of source used. In general however, the main dataused in references include author, topic, editions, year of publish,publisher, city, electronic link and page. Guidelines exist whichguide an author in the reference format with respect to the field ofstudy or instructions provided.

Summariesprovide a synopsis of the information in a document or essay tomentally prepare a reader on what to expect in it. It also offers anauthor’s general perspective of their argument towards a particularsubject discussed. For a summary to be effective, it should onlyfocus on the important aspects of a discussion paper providing thekey points addressed in a systematic format as in the paper itself. Athesis statement should be presented at the end mentioning the mainobjective of the paper itself.

Formattinga paper involves arranging data collected into an understandable formusing a widely accepted format or one that the author is instructedto use. In most cases, the format used is, cover page,acknowledgements, table of contents, abstract, introduction, body,conclusion, references and appendices. However, there is room forminor modifications to suit specific user needs. This format guidesthrough the processing of collected information in a systematicmanner until the main objective is achieved. The conclusionsummarizes the data presented in the discussion paper giving theauthor’s final perspective or argument on the topic of discussion.

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