Shinjuku Incident

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Thefilm is a movie about a simple Chinese immigrant(Jackie Chan) who wages war against a powerful criminal organizationin Japan (Brown). The film addresses the tribulations faced byillegal Chinese immigrants in Japan and their mix with the Japanesecriminal gangs (Brown). They are forced to take odd jobs that aresometimes illegal for survival purposes. For instance, Steelhead andhis brother Jie works illegal jobs for them to earn a living. Thefilm also addresses the efforts undertaken by Steelhead to better thelives of his Chinese brothers but to no avail. For example, Daniel Wuattempts to make a decent and honest life for himself, but hisefforts go horribly wrong.

Thefilm concentrates on the brutal treatment of Chinese immigrants inJapan. The brutal level of violence directed at the immigrants by theJapanese Yakuza gangs as well as the police demonstrates the unfairtreatment of Chinese in the Japanese society. The film brings out theexisting heroic tale behind all the glittery clean streets. Theimmigrants face hard times in their new country and have to fighttheir way to the top against all odds in the wicked world in pursuitof power and money. However, the sense of unity among the Chineseimmigrants seen in the film is seen as the solution to their woes(Brown). Therefore, the movie advocates for unity among the minoritygroups when fighting social injustices.

Thefilm makes a case against illegal immigration when Steelhead sees theerror of his ways and pays an enormous price for entering Japanillegally. Before migrating to Japan, Steelhead is depicted as ahappy man from the China (Brown). Despite his Northeast region oforigin being poor, the population enjoys peace and happiness in theirlives. However, after settling in Tokyo illegally, Steelhead peacefullife changes to a series of run-ins with the members of the JapaneseYakuza. He is involved in a life of crime and running from the policebecause of his immigration status. Additionally, he dies in a foreigncountry from gunshot wounds that could have been avoided if he stayedin his peaceful country. Therefore, the film discourages illegalimmigration in search of wealth and riches.

Thefilm also portrays weaknesses in the moral fabric of the society.Steelhead rises to power as the Don of Chinese illegal immigrants(Brown). However, he is foolish enough to believe in clean getawaysin a country that offers none. He tragically falls from grace againsta strong, unstoppable tide of greed, corruption, and evil. The filmalso clearly depicts how power has a tendency of corrupting even thebest of men (Brown). Steelhead is a decent man with good virtues, butloses his innocence in the hostile environment to the extent ofmurdering to improve the lives of his fellow countryman. The movieportrays greed for power as the cause of societal evils, violence,and murder, especially among the immigrant community.

Inconclusion, the film highlights some of the social injustices andtribulations faced by minority groups. It brings out how suchinjustices force the marginalized communities to adapt so as toguarantee their survival. Some of the people are changed from good,honorable citizens to murders by the tribulations that theyencounter. Additionally, the film highlights how power corruptsdecent people. It also speaks against illegal immigration bydepicting it as one of the leading causes of societal evils. Finally,the film brings out the importance of unity and brotherhood among theimmigrants in fighting for their civil rights.


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