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Theaspect of self-awareness is a leadership quality that is grosslyunderstated in today`s world though it is probably one of the mostvital qualities that managers can have. Being self-aware means thatyou know what you are good at and at the same time be aware of areasthat you fall short.

Ina highly competitive job market, this notion might seem to becounterproductive. Most of us operate on the belief that we mustappear to know everything all the time, failure to demonstrate thismay lead to our effectiveness as leaders being brought into question.

Itis easier to pretend that you are knowledgeable in a lot of areasthat will not result in situations that can be problematic for theorganization. On a more personal level, being aware of one`s strongpoints and flaws will help in gaining confidence from others. Thiswill increase your credibility as people will view you as a normalhuman being who does not claim perfection. These aspects willincrease your leadership effectiveness as a whole.

Inany event, it is important not to overplay a former strength thatwill, later on, be viewed as a weakness. For example, if you are theone who pays key attention to detail that has, in turn, resulted ingood results for the organization, you may be rewarded with amanagement role. The retention of such practices once one is in asenior position may send a wrong message to your superiors who mayreconsider your eagerness for managerial responsibility.

Toimprove your self-awareness request an assessment of your performancefrom colleagues, ask questions and listen without justifying yourselfor an action. Organizations have recorded positive results fromleaders who were accountable for their actions than from those whowere pretentious in their knowledge. (MusselWhite, 2015)


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