Self Analysis Essay

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SelfAnalysis Essay

Iam a Hispanic female from the Dominican Republic aged thirty fiveyears. I can say that my family falls under the middle class since wecan comfortably afford all the basic need and some leisure. Mynuclear family is large, having grown up with three brothers andthree sisters. Growing up in a big family is beneficial in severalways. The social interactions with my brothers and sister haveinfluenced my socialization skills. I have how to handle and interactwith people of different characters and attitudes. I have acquiredsocialization skills that make it easy for me to make new friendswith people from different backgrounds. My extended family is alsolarge with many uncles and aunties. The interactions with my extendedfamily have taught me not to trust everyone. Some people may pretendto be good but with time may turn out to be hypocrites with only badintentions. My family has influenced my choice of friends. I amcareful when choosing friends to avoid bad company that mightinfluence me negatively.

Ihave a passion to take care of sick people, having embraced love asone of the most important values from my nuclear family. This hasinfluenced my career choice to be a dental assistant. I derivepleasure from seeing sick people relieved of the pain especially theunbearable pain associated with dental problems. I focus to become anefficient full dentist to establish my own dental clinic to offermedical services at subsidized prices to help the poor. I am healthywith nomajor medical historical problems and I desire to achieve mygoals as a dentist to ensure my local people back in DominicanRepublic healthy and energetic.

Iam an intelligent woman with a very strong personality. I am patientand understanding. In my career, I have encountered some difficultpatients not willing to co-operate during dental examinations andoperations. My listening skills enable me to pay attention to mypatients’ problems in order to give them the appropriate dentalservices that will meet their needs. Through the interactions withmany patients I have learn the significance of understandingdifferent nature and characters of people (Kendall, 2015). One of mystrengths is controlling my emotions. Many times as dental assistantI have encountered patients in unbearable pain. In such situations Icontrol my emotions and embrace my role as a dental assistant toensure the patient receives utmost dental care.

Ihave a positive attitude and this has enabled me to succeed in mycareer. Many patients prefer energetic, friendly and outgoing dentalassistants to give them hope and relieve their stress when visiting adentist’s clinic. A positive attitude has also influenced myacademic success. This is due to the fact that I don’t believe infailure and focus on achieving my goals in life. I am highlymotivated by prominent personalities such as Martin Luther KingJunior and Nelson Mandela among others who once worked tirelessly tochange the world which we currently live. This is also a factor whichhas made me to be an extremely detail-oriented person. I take time inobserving the finest details of any occurrence or item that Iencounter. By been keen, I am able to eliminate errors in most ofthe activities I carry on day to day basis, and more so inassignments offered to me by the teachers. The mouth is a highlysensitive part of the body and hence it is essential for a dentalassistant to take extreme caution when dealing with it. My interestin observing small details of anything that I bump into wasinfluenced by my dad while I grew up. My dad is almost aperfectionist and always emphasizes the importance of learning thesmall details that many people tend to overlook in an item or even aperson.

Myculture and religion have significantly influenced my attitudes,character and relationship with others. As a Seventh – day Adventist,a religion that has taught me the importance of loving other peopleand living in peace. Through its values, the church has also taughtme to be a very discipline person. Our church is keen on nurturingnew members and instructing them on living righteously as well asbeing obedient to the will of God. My humble background hasinfluenced my attitude towards other people. I appreciate everyperson no matter how little they offer or which social class theycome from. The socialization skills that I have acquired so farenable me to interact and understand other people from differentreligions such as Muslims and Hindus. One of the values embraced bymy culture is hard work and respect. Therefore, since childhood, Ihave been a hardworking person and this has made me achieve almostall my academic targets to become a dental hygienist today. I respectevery person in the society as I understand that everyone isimportant in the society. As a result, I have created goods relationswithin the society and earned a lot of respect, especially in mylocality.

Someof my hobbies are reading books and making new friends. In thefuture, I look forward to learn and acquire even better communicationskills to enhance my social interactions. This is crucial as it willhelp me to interact with fellow students, teachers a well as parents,who are all important in my future development. I love special giftsespecially from family members because they make me fell valued andloved. I also reciprocate back the love by giving special gifts to myfamily members on special occasions such as birthdays and othercelebrations. In the future, I am focusing on utilizing the STCC asan agent of socialization to enable me gain some skills and knowledgeneeded to become an efficient dental hygienist. My vision is to beone of the most successful dental hygienist not only at the locallevel but at the national level.


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