Sculpture Comparison and Contrast

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The first thing that one notices while having a first look at thefloating figure and the recumbent figure is the fact that they are arepresentation of a female figure. However, the difference is thatthe floating figure is a real representation of a female figure whilethe recumbent figure is an abstract one whose depiction of the femaleis not clear (Kellman &amp Snow, 2012). The floating figure is arepresentation of a complete female human figure with a head, legsand hands. In terms of volume, it is evident that both figures arevoluminous although they have different masses (Moore et al., 1998).The floating figure has a mass of 840 pounds or 381 kilograms. On theother hand, the recumbent figure has a mass of 520 kilograms. Thedensity of the floating figure is 212.85 kilograms per cubic meterwhile that of the recumbent figure is 5984 kilograms per cubic meter(Matisse et al., 2007).

In terms of the materials used, the floating figure is made ofbronze and it is clear from observation that it is smooth in texture.On the other hand, the recumbent figure is made of Green Horntonstone and some sections appear smooth while others are not. As thename suggests, the floating figure is seen floating in water and itsshadow can be seen underneath the water (Nordland, 2010). Therecumbent figure has a wide base and it supports itself on theground. I would choose the floating figure for various reasons. It isclear from observation that the floating figure reflects a realfemale human being as opposed to the recumbent figure. The figureresonates with me since it is a work of art that represents reality.


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