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San Francisco State University – Hospitality and TourismManagement Department

Internship Performance Evaluation – Assessment Goal 5

Name of the Student:

Xiong Wang


Fall 2015


Hailiang Liu



Please rate your satisfaction with our student’sperformance using the following scale below:

  1. Very Dissatisfied (2) Dissatisfied (3) Not Sure (4) Satisfied (5) Very Satisfied

Trait or Characteristic



Student performance satisfaction

Please comment on the student’s performance in each of the categories listed.






Business/Management skills on the job

Can handle different managerial tasks well especially when it comes to planning and decision-making.

Hospitality/Service Mgmt skills on the job

Excellent hospitality skills more so in the delivery of customer care services.

Overall academic preparation for position

Wang appeared to be a very bright student who was well prepared for the internship.

Written Communication Skills

Wang demonstrated excellent written communication skills and was quick to adapt to the electronic system of communication.

Verbal Communication Skills

He also showed strong verbal communication skills especially since the company has embraced an open system of communication.

Analytical Skills

Demonstrated ability to uncomplicated issues that arose in the organization by making sensible decisions

Critical Thinking Skills

He appeared to be a good observer who could interpret situations accordingly

Ability to work in a team that facilitates organizational goals

He was a good team player and was focused on achieving the organizational goals.

Leadership Skills

He demonstrated average leadership skills such as a good communicator however, he needs to be more patient, creative and highly flexible.

Displays a high level of business ethics

Wang demonstrated good morals and adequate knowledge of business ethics.

Sensitivity to people of different cultures

He has embraced cultural diversity since he did not appear to be discriminative to customers from different cultural backgrounds.

Understands the need for social responsibility.

Committed to making positive change to the society especially on environmental matters

Dependability: the degree to which the intern can be relied upon to complete a job and be punctual.

Wang is punctual and a dependable individual to complete several

Independence: The degree of work accomplished with little or no supervision.

Wang does not need to be closely supervised in his work.

Initiative: The degree to which the intern searches out new tasks and expands abilities professionally and personally.

He demonstrates great initiative especially in generating new ideas that contribute to the success of the company.

Please place this page in asealed envelope with your signature on the back.

Internship Performance Evaluation – to be shared with thestudent.

  1. Areas that the student shows strengths and potential:

The student showed great potential in performing managerial duties and being an excellent team player. He was punctual since he never showed up late for work and he would deliver his work on time. He also demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills that are helpful in teamwork since it boosts the productivity of an organization. Wang’s commitment to social responsibility was astounding since he can contribute in ensuring a firm achieves it corporate social responsibility goals and objectives. He is also good in research.

  1. Areas that the student may improve upon:

The student needs to improve on his leadership skills especially because demonstrating the ability to lead others can help in his career growth by being considered for a senior position when an opportunity arises in an organization. He should also enhance his level of patience because it may negatively affect his performance at work.

  1. Recommendations for student career development/Comments about student in general:

Wang’s future career is indeed bright. Employers look for individuals who are highly innovative and are committed to their work, and Wang can make such a great employee. He has the desire to learn new knowledge that can help in his career development.

  1. Comments or suggestions about SF State’s HTM Program is appreciated:

The institution has great HTM program, and you are equipping the students with the necessary skills needed in the hospitality and tourism industry.

  1. Please grade the student’s research project/paper &amp presentation: Overall Grade: ___A _(A, B, etc.)

  1. Please evaluate and comment on the students research project/paper:

Students are required to present their research findings to their supervisor in a formal presentation. Please provide feedback on the student’s effort and results. Also, indicate whether the project was beneficial to the company and if you will be able to use the results.

The student presented a very good research project that demonstrated he has a deeper understanding of the issues and the operations occurring in the hospitality industry. The project was beneficial to the company since it demonstrated how businesses could satisfy our clients and help attract more customers.

Date of Evaluation:

Evaluator (Name &amp Title):

Evaluator Signature:

Intern Signature:


FALL 2015

HTM515 Internship Questionnaire

(Tobe completed by the student)

Xiong Wang

  1. Company name of internship:


  1. Department(s) worked in:


  1. Specific responsibilities/duties:

-Assist in the management of social media channels

-Developing content to be used in advertising of company’s products and services

-Monitoring marketing channels and preparing reports

-Engaging with other marketers in the marketing department and brainstorming new and innovative marketing strategies

-Help in collecting and gathering data on market trends and customer behavior

-Any other administrative duty assigned

  1. Top three most important things you learned during your internship:


Importance of paying strong attention to detail


Employees need to be motivated since it increases their productivity


It is important to align individual goals and organizational goals

  1. Top three things you didn’t like about the internship experience:


Some employees are not willing to assist in the duties assigned


The employees tend to relax when interns are around and leave us to perform all the work


When one makes small mistakes for the first time and one does not everything. They do not consider that internship is a learning experience

  1. Top three things that would improve the internship program for future students


Allow the employees to learn from the students just as we are learning from them


Expose students to other departments in an organization not majorly focusing on their specialty as it helps to develop all rounded employees


Develop a program that allows students to have mentors to guide them through the internship experience

  1. Did the internship experience result in a job offer? (Circle Yes or No)


  1. Did you take the position? (Circle Yes or No)


  1. If so, what is the name of the company?


If so, Position


N/A stands for Not Applicable

  1. If not, describe your current plans upon graduating (Company, Title, etc.)

Upon graduating, I will look for an internship position in a company or volunteer to work as an intern so that I can obtain the relevant professional experience. Meanwhile, I will be applying the vacant positions being advertised by the relevant companies.

  1. Are you activity looking for employment? __Yes_

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