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7December 2015


  • Recruitment of new position experience is a key factor.

  • In-house training is essential in enhancing skills.

  • Performance appraisals essential in evaluating and discarding non-performers.

  • Motivation and incentive schemes are necessary to tap external workforce and reward the existing workforce.

  • Networking is necessary in order to tap exclusive skills externally.

  • Benefits for the employees that include pension and other insurance schemes are paramount to maintain a motivated workforce.

  • Furthering education by workforce necessary to enhancing skills and experience in the workplace.

  • Tapping innovative ideas and transforming them into viable business


  • A conflict of interest arises when encouraging employees to start a business within the company premises.

  • The misuse of resources by maintaining employees after they have positions have been scrapped and declared redundant.

  • Sharing data with employees can turn out to disastrous if it leaks to the competition.


  • Employees of : The decision will affect the employees in recruitment in new positions, in training, when being retrenched, fairness to employees will be introduced, and pay and benefits. Other issues that will be affected within the organization treatment of employees, harassment and discrimination will be minimized.

  • Human resource director: Will be under pressure from management to perform appraisals and fair promotions from the employees. Also to craft a new working policy that will allow flexi-time, this will allow employees to further their studies and bond with their families.


  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter can outsource HR functions to a third party that will be liable to recruit and perform other functions like maintaining benefits schemes to the employees.

  • Engage the employees in the productive work schemes that management is proposing, involve them in seminars and team building to increase communication and cohesiveness.

Theimpact on stakeholders.

  • Recruitment of new staffs will be fast and be based on pure merit. The employees will have a chance to advance in their education through the flex-time offered at the firm. This will remodel the employee and add value to both company and the employee. Also, it will increase chances of the employee getting promotion on merit resulting to better pay. The benefits scheme will increase the morale of the employee as the scheme will give assurance to their future or the medical scheme gives them a boost of their health well-being.

  • The management will change it is the overall strategic plan of the company. The change is not instant, and the company might spend resources in restructuring and re-organization of the company, this might result in job losses, and the affected employees must be compensated in terms of the dues and severance pay.

Discussionand analysis are drawing on ethical theories.


Inethical egoism, I must do what I want and maximize self-interest

Asan HR Manager, I will provide myself with flexi-time will give memore time to study and be with my family. Furthering my educationwill give me a career development not only to Rosabeth but to thefuture companies I might join. I shall build a network of theemployees during team building, suppliers, customers and venturepartners, this will advance my interests in the company, and I case Ileave the company.

Re-organizingRosabeth will give the management a new impetus of performance-drivenmanagement.


Imust do the greatest good and maximize benefits for the maximumnumber of people.

Byreviewing the benefits of the employee I will be doing good to all astheir health well-being will be catered for, plus there pension planthat will assure them of a good living after the retirement. Theflexi-time will benefit more employees seeking for furtheringeducation and bonding with the families. This will improve theproductivity of the company, bringing in a new impetus for change inthe organization. Team building, seminars, and networking willfurther open employees to both inside and outside world bringing infresh energy in work.


Asthe HR manager I will obey the labor relations law, all the employeeswill be treated equally regardless of the job status and rank. I willnot sing to the whims of the employer and shareholders on thesuppression of justice and right. I will deal first with the benefitsof the employees to motivate them and by the mid of 2016 theflexi-time schedule will be introduced.


InRosabeth, I shall promote the spirit of fairness andnon-discrimination. I shall ensure that the policy of equal pay forequal work is adhered to. All the employees have the right to beheard, and I shall address the complaints of suppliers, vendors,customers, and partners with fairness.


Iwill be honest and fair when making my decisions, and I will instilldiscipline into my work resulting in high-quality integritycharacter. I will treat every human being with utmost dignity andfreedom. I will respect the national laws and strive to make allemployees happy in their lifetime at Rosabeth.


Mydecision is to make Rosabeth a better working place for all, therebyadding value to my shareowners and employees. What influence me morewas distributive justice to all. This will be guided by virtue ethicsto enhance my personality to become a better leader, manager, andhuman person. I will not hinder the growth of an individual either inacademic or during the promotion further I will always stand forjustice to all.

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