Role of the APRN in a Changing Health Care Environment

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Roleof the APRN in a Changing Health Care Environment


Theenvironment under which nurses carry out practical work has beencited among the ones that are most demanding across all work settingtypes. The majority of patient care is provided by nurses inhospitals, in ambulance sites, nursing homes and other settings thatrequire health care. The nursing professional practice requires thatthe patient is put first (Westrick,et al. 2001).They concentrate on the safety of the patient and quality of care toalways deliver the best services.

Nursingexpanded roles

Theexpansion of the delivery of health care services calls for a broaderrole of nurses. Programs have been developed to meet the increase inthe need for nursing education focusing more on the roles for nursesthat have expanded including maintaining health and diseaseprevention.

Nurseswho are specialists, in particular, clinical areas are capable ofexpanded roles in primary care and provision of education topatients. There is a deeper sense of accountability among nursesproducing a new nursing environment (InFerrell, et al. 2015).Nurses have to reach out to new fields to make use of their potentialand make full contributions to health.

Amongthe problems in society that require a high level of skill, knowledgeand creativity are drug abuse and alcoholism. Nurses also ought toplay a bigger role in diminishing environmental hazards (Nickitas, etal. 2011). They must come up with care patterns that offer moreperception for the very young, adolescents, the aged and those whoare within the working age bracket.


Theconcerned public together with the health professions are revisinghealth care patterns. Nursing is lending a hand in directing thechanges. The intention is to mold health resources, education, andpractice according to the needs of an active and participatingsociety.


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