Role of Advanced Practice Nurse in Changing the Health Care Environment

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Roleof Advanced Practice Nurse in Changing the Health Care Environment

Roleof Advanced Practice Nurse in Changing the Health Care Environment

Advancedpractice nurses (APN) are post-graduate nurses who are prepared withclinical and didactic education, scope, and knowledge in nursing. Theadvanced education that APN receives at the post-graduate levelallows them to work at generalist or specialist capacity. APN bringsignificant changes in the health care sector given that they areable to utilize expanded and extended experience, skills, andknowledge to deliver health care (Nickitas &amp Middaugh, 2014). Forexample, studies have shown that APN provide equal or better qualityservices as compared to physicians. This has been confirmed by thedecline in the rate of infant mortality and the number of days thatpatients are hospitalized when they are put under the care of APN(Center of Champion Nursing in America, 2014). Therefore, APN changethe health care environment in a positive way, which is accomplishedby enhancing the quality of care and reducing the cost of deliveringcare since APN’s compensation is less than that of physicians.

APNspend more time with patients and can perform most of the functionsof physicals. This implies that APN augment physicians’ practice byensuring that patients are able to receive the same or better qualityhealth care even in cases of shortage of physicians (Lathrop &ampHodnicki, 2014). Affordable Care Act (ACA) is founded on a preventivehealth care model that emphasizes on the promotion of quality careand preventive care. The implementation of these changes requiresprofessionals who are well prepared. Therefore, ACA will increase thedemand for APN, which will in turn promote population health.

Inconclusion, APNs are equipped with the knowledge and skills that arerequired to deliver preventive care. Legislations (such as ACA) willincrease the demand for APN, who part of the most qualified healthcare professionals to offer preventive care.


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